NEW QUEER ON THE BLOCK: Titillations…Throw Down the Towel...

NEW QUEER ON THE BLOCK: In the Crazy World...

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NEW QUEER ON THE BLOCK: Your Gateway Drug to Fitting in with the Crowd

“I am arrested by your emotions”


When one enters an institution of social mayhem, when is the appropriate time to catch a breathe of fresh air? In the greater story, we’ve been introduced to a great deal of characters of all levels. There’s the club promoter, the personality host, the social butterfly twink, the writer, the editor, the painter, the actor, the entrepreneur and many, many more. How does it fit into the bigger picture? As I looked around and noticing all the different characters on the dance floor at The Baltic Room, I noticed something unique. By stepping back and looking at the greater picture in my panoramic view, there is a diverse community, of all shapes and sizes. The reason I noticed this is due to the lack of acceptance in our society – but does that ever limit us as citizens in this society? No. This is merely an observation and the positive energy that began to flow through my veins and arteries.

With all this visualization happening through my eye sight, I too, begin to ask the question, “What is gay culture these days? And is Gay Culture Dead?” I read about this topic in a recent article published on by Bruce LaBruce and for a split second I question the validity of gay culture and then I snap right back! If anyone in gay society is out there on the streets with their loud personality and extreme fashion, yes, there is still gay culture. At least that’s my view on this matter, wouldn’t you agree?

While we’re on the topic of gay culture death – Hugh Jackman is performing his own one-man show on Broadway and I have some reservations about this. On one hand, he did start on the stage in musical theater and some people have told me that he is an exception, but if I were a theater artist living and working in New York City – I’d be pissed! Why is it that stage time gets wasted on a one-man show of facts that we’ve already seen in the media throughout the years, and even if it’s behind the scenes look at his life? Isn’t that what celebrity memoirs are for? What is the point of this type of story-telling in the decade that we are living with the war, depression and drought? Meanwhile, the theater artist struggling to make her masterpiece be seen by society gets overlooked and only a handful of her friends will get the chance to see her work. How is that preserving theater culture? I understand he’s a seasoned musical theater pro, but one-man shows are growing extinct, and for a very good reason.  Somebody please explain this one to me, I’ll even buy you a drink!

Throughout the weekend I managed to make it to Hussler at Pony, and while there are some great beats spinning by DJ Lu Ying, I found it to not be my cup of tea. Though, while at Pony, I started to think about what this particular party means and represents and the philosophy of this theme party. It’s like a ticking bomb ready to explode – waiting for the right moment and then, BAM! Only, while suspense makes for a great movie, a party should start with a bang! Just like how our gay and lesbian community has mingled throughout the decades since the Stonewall Riots. Look at us now, we are similar to that of a chameleon: glowing and fusing with the rest of society. My biggest question that I was asking myself this weekend is:

Instead of isolation for the gay and lesbian community, does it feel odd for the lot of us to mesh in with the heterosexual community, and, where do we all fit in now?

Mr. Sean Paul performing at ElektroPOP Thursday night. Look, there's Ursula Major to take him home 😉

In a side conversation with one of my great friends, I asked him what I was in response to, “Twinks graduate at the age of 22”. Which his response was, “You’re just a bloody awesome queen. You’re just Brian and that’s what I love about you!” I think this part of the conversation stuck in my mind because all of us are trying to fit into a category. At what point do we say, “Screw it!” and go with the flow?

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