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January 26, 2012 Comments (1) Views: 1606 Media Beat

For Love of Journalism… The Common Language Project

Sarah Stuteville, co-founder of The Common Language Project

I suppose this COULD fall into the category of Geek News, but if you are a fan of journalism, independently reported media, humanity or things so banal as The First Amendment, then take a moment to check out The Common Language Project

CLP co-founder Sarah Stuteville spoke at TEDxRainier here in Seattle – an offshoot of TED, the organization committed to “Ideas Worth Spreading”, most universally via their series of brief talks (available online at their website), but you can hear her story here about her finding the path she was destined to travel:

Sarah and the CLP are certainly friends of Seattle Gay Scene, and whether or not you realize it yet, they’re your friend too. Websites like ours, that live day to day to share news of LGBTQ life here in Seattle, owe a debt to people like Sarah Stuteville, Alex Stonehill and Jessica Partnow at The Common Language Project who do the hard work and heavy lifting to protect a culture of fair and open media, and preserve an environment where those of us on the team can rant and rave and share our unfettered opinions on everything from Marriage Equality to the relative perkiness of Darrin Criss’s butt.

If you’re in a position to do so, please support them in this mission. Because if the alternative is a life where politics can and will sway a journalist’s voice, then it’s no longer the America that we know, love and deserve.


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