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March 12, 2012 Comments Off on Legendary Makeup Artist and RuPaul Drag Race Judge, Billy B. Eats Boys for Breakfast, Specifically “New Queer on the Block” Views: 6400 Arts & Entertainment, Drag, RuPaul's Drag Race Season 4

Legendary Makeup Artist and RuPaul Drag Race Judge, Billy B. Eats Boys for Breakfast, Specifically “New Queer on the Block”

Billy B. Brasfield, one of the regular judges on RuPaul's Drag Race, responded to our recent episode recap.

“It takes one to know one” is a quote that immediately comes to my mind when describing the recent quarrel with RuPaul’s Drag Race regular judge, Billy B. (Brasfield). When I write about RuPaul’s Drag Race, I tend to be somewhat numb, and disoriented about what I’m watching. So when a celebrity icon such as Brasfield hunts me down on Twitter to slap it to me, I wonder if I am making the right moves as a writer. The morning that I received these tweets from Billy B, I was a bit distraught and alarmed at first, but read them yourselves…

@brianthewriter Oh 1 more thing….I eat bouys like U 4 Breakfast .

@BRIANTHEWRITER U dont have 2 like me Lady, u dont have 2 agree w me Do ur fucking job + know who your writing about…

@brianthewriter IM bitter QueeN . Ive done more on a Shitty day than you will hm… EVER. This IS FASHION BITCH

So…. @brianthewriter…

I responded to him with, “You’ll have to eat right through my rockstar boyfriend, first” and “thank you for playing with ‘Untucked with Brian’”. My rockstar boyfriend told me that I should’ve asked him if he was flirting with me. I digress, but remind myself that there is no such thing as bad publicity and this is all a blessing in disguise. I’m absolutely positive this story is not over and the saga should very well continue when I travel to New York City to walk the red carpet for the finale party of RuPaul’s Drag Race. Needless to say, it’s water under the bridge because we’re Facebook buddies now and he’s been re-tweeting my links to the ‘Untucked with Brian’ series. Another point is I actually was unaware that Billy Brasfield was a makeup artist, as I thought he was some fashionista or former actor that is beyond my generation. After checking out his website and the work that he’s done in his career, he is an amazing makeup artist and I stand corrected. Do I still think he’s a bit harsh on the show as a judge? Absolutely! But everyone is entitled to their opinion, and that is exactly the purpose of a judge for a competition.

Billy Brasfield has been a regular rotation weekly judge on RuPaul's Drag Race for the past few seasons and sometimes I should shut my mouth!

With his outrage on my writing, I decided to look back at what I wrote and I do admit it was extremely harsh! Perhaps I was high on drugs and drunk with love…

There is one judge that I can do with out, and let me tell you whyand in my Michele Visage voice! He’s a bitter, bitter old queen that is out of touch with not only reality, but fashion itself. Through the entire judging round, I kept on saying, “Where is Santino Rice?” and that does not sit well with me. Billy B does not make sense when he critiques the queens, where Santino Rice’s critiques are beneficial to the contestants and hold an ounce of truth. Sometimes the fashion set by these queens fall off the stage and their egos are never recovered. Santino Rice is their fashionista voice, and Bill B simply is a dried up queen that is working in the wrong industry and judging on the wrong show!

Something that we’ve learned here about celebrities that get their bark bitten off a bit, is they simmer for a brief moment and then they get right over the bridge and on to the next object on the red carpet. It doesn’t matter how I meet people in the outside world, it only matters how I move forward with their energy and spirit. What am I, a Buddhist? Tonight is another episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race and the girls are making their magazine covers for the main stage challenge. I want to take this time to find out what team you are on…Sharon Needles? Phi Phi O’Hara? Chad Michaels? Dida Ritz? Latrice Royale? Or JigglyCaliente Brooks? Send us your vote to or leave your choice in the comment section below.

(Editor’s Note: REALLY? A D-List celebrity is butt hurt about something a little regional website wrote about them? REALLY? Either SGS is more important than I thought, or Mr. B. has too much time on his hands.

We’ve also warned Brian to NOT mess with hot daddies with neck tattoos…they will FUCK you up!

He has a NECK TATTOO!!!!)

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