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March 12, 2012 Comments Off on First GOOP Now Madge. Ladies, STFU!!!! Views: 1193 Celebrityville

First GOOP Now Madge. Ladies, STFU!!!!

Madonna, part of her brood and at least FOUR assistants. Not bad for a single mom.

Just over a year ago GOOP aka Gwyneth Paltrow enraged single mothers around the globe by bemoaning her struggles as a “single mother.”  If you need a refresher on GOOP’s tone deaf complaints click here.

Now Madonna is getting in on GOOP’s entitlement game by telling US Weekly that single motherhood is about to make her head explode.

Madonna, GOOP when you are worth millions of dollars or as you ladies like to call your money, quid, you cannot complain about single motherhood.  You don’t have to personally schlep your kids from school to daycare to after school activities while holding down at least one job.  You don’t have to wonder if you are buying groceries or paying the heat bill.

When problems arrive in your world you can throw gold coins at them and hire new help.  I am not saying you don’t have struggles but please for the sake of my sanity and your fan base STOP COMPARING YOURSELF TO AVERAGE SINGLE MOMS.  You cannot and will not ever be one and you cannot and will not ever understand their struggles.

Also, personal note to Madge don’t write issues songs.


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