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April 18, 2012 Comments Off on Tim Harmon’s got “Eyes” on the Hill… Views: 1449 Nightlife, Some Lovely Photos

Tim Harmon’s got “Eyes” on the Hill…

Some cheesecake for a change...outside The Baltic Room at ElektroPOP! Photo: Tim Harmon/The Hill Has Eyes

Great. Just what Gay Seattle needs…another gawdamned website devoted to the “Scene” and “Scenesters”.


Except, we won’t bitch because we pitch a tent for the adorable Tim Harmon and his BEAUTIFUL photographs and we are in DEEP LUST with his zexy new website, “The Hill Has Eyes” which showcases his art and skills. If you’re not familiar with Tim’s work, well, you should be…and, if you’ve read a music article in the last few years, chances are you’ve already experienced his photos of Blink-182 and other big name acts.

There’s links to all those photos, but “The Hill Has Eyes” is an eye popping album of Tim’s recent night life photos at events all over the Hill like “ElektroPOP! at The Baltic Room” and fun events at The Grill on Broadway. EVERYONE in these photos looks hot, hot, HOT even Mr. Strangeways; (well, lukewarm, but it takes a LOT of talent to pull that off!) Check out all the Lovely Photos…and, there’s a contact link if you need to hire Tim for your event photography.

Check it out.

Mama Tits and a few hundred friends celebrate her 50th Birfday at The Baltic Room. Photo: Tim Harmon/The Hill Has

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