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Call For Queer Artists: The Dirty Truth Wants Your Radical Art

We’ve already mentioned a call for actors/crew for the soon to be shot, locally made queer film “R/Evolve” from Dual Power Productions, the folks who made last year’s “Heart Breaks Open”. Now, they are looking for ARTISTS to contribute art work for an art show called “The Dirty Truth” set within the film. Here’s the skinny!

The Dirty Truth is a one-night pop-up art show happening this August in Seattle. It is a NSFW Queer visual art show that tackles themes of Acceptance, Equality, Marriage, Family, and Relationships. We’re looking for all types of visual art that challenges notions of assimilation. What is your dirty truth? What are the realities of your lives that become covered when we’re asked to assimilate into mainstream relationship culture? Is marriage the issue? What does your family and/or relationship look like? Are you looking for acceptance? Is equality the goal? What’s your take?

Dirty: To cover or mark with an unclean substance.
Truth: That which is true in accordance with fact or reality.

What we’re looking for:
We want all visual art: video, collage, painting, drawing, photography, mixed-media, you name it.

Who we want to feature:
We’re looking for art by queers of all kinds. Art can be submitted by anyone in the world.

We’re accepting art through July 31. The art will display at a one-night only pop-up art show in Seattle. Location to be determined. All art will be collected before the show, displayed and then returned the following week. We’ll take good care of your work.

How to submit:
Please contact if you want to submit a piece. We’ll send more detail and figure out the best way to get your piece to us.

It will be filmed:
The Dirty Truth Art Show will be filmed for R/EVOLVE, a new film by Dual Power Productions. If your art is in the show, there’s a good chance it will also be in the film.

Synopsis: When style-photographer Lincoln gives a homeless, freewheeling traveler a place to stay for the night, a “good deed” ends life as they know it.

R/EVOLVE is a feature fiction film being shot in Seattle in July/August 2012.

Dual Power Productions:
Dual Power is an entertainment company in Seattle, Washington. We produce media that promotes understanding, critical thinking, personal development and social change. Our work can be serious, fun, thought-provoking, educational or absurd. We use a multi-faceted transmedia approach to getting the message out.

What’s the message? In the words of Alice Walker, “Surely the earth can be saved by all the people who insist on love.” In the words of Utah Phillips, “You’ve got to mess with people!”

We like to blend the worlds of fiction and non-fiction. If you want to see our previous feature, check out:

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