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Deadlines For 2012 Election And A Terrific Night Of Sexy Liberals…

Ms Miller gets a spanky before the Sexy Liberals begin spanking the Republican Party… Photo: From The Sexy Liberal website.

Mr. Strangeways and Ms Kendall went to “Stephanie Miller’s Sexy Liberal Comedy Tour” last night at The Paramount and had a delightfully good time as Ms Miller and her man posse, John Fugelsang and Hal Sparks put on a ridiculously funny and blisteringly smart show that largely targeted current politics and the 2012 presidential election in particular. True, it was largely preaching to the choir, but the audience LOOOOOVED every minute of it…well, mostly. There was some nervous titters amid the applause when organized religion/the Christian Far Right got attacked but Seattle does tend to skew a bit nelly when it comes to anything TOO outrageous.

And, as a special treat, this show featured some “Special Guest Stars” who joined the panel at the end of the show. Two of our four local celebrities, (Chihuly and The Skerritt being the other two) Ron Reagan Jr and our man, Dan Savage weighed in on Election 2012 and merrily contributed to the not at all gentle roasting of the Republican Party and their disastrous presidential campaign season. (Yes, there were LOTS of Santorum jokes…)

We also have to say that we agreed with the tone of the night, that the Republicans are failing, BADLY, with the Romney/Ryan ticket and it seems very likely they are doomed to failure as the campaign implodes on an almost daily basis, but Mr. Fugelsang also warned that Democrats/Liberals/The Left cannot become complacent. If the intelligent side of the electorate decides that an Obama win is very likely, that could lead to people NOT voting which would be disastrous for down ticket races. Even if you’re 99% convinced that Obama/Biden will prevail, it’s still very important to vote to secure that win, and the success of our candidates running for Senate/House/State House/Governor/City Council/Judgeships and so on. And, obviously, a large turnout is required to secure approval of Referendum 74 and the passage of Marriage Equality in Washington State.

That means you have to be registered to vote, and the deadlines to do so for the November election are looming. Here’s a handy calendar of those deadlines and a link to make sure you are registered and how to register if you haven’t. 

October 6 Deadline for mail-in voter registrations and updates
October 8 Deadline for online registration and updates
October 19 Start of 18-day voting period (through Election Day). Ballots are mailed out and Accessible Voting Units (AVUs) are available at voting centers.
October 29 Deadline for in-person new Washington State voter registration
November 6 General Election


If you are registered to vote but miss the deadline to update your address, you can still vote. Contact your county elections department where you are currently registered to request a ballot.

Registrations and updates submitted after the deadline will take effect for the next election.

View the complete elections calendar.

If you want positive change, VOTE, dammit!

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