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“Come Out Laughing” Brings 3 LGT Comedians To Seattle

September 27, 2012 Comments Off on Stephanie Miller Spills All About Saturday’s “Sexy Liberal Comedy Show” At The Paramount Views: 1554 Comedy

Stephanie Miller Spills All About Saturday’s “Sexy Liberal Comedy Show” At The Paramount

Stephanie Miller’s bringing her “Sexy Liberal Comedy Tour” to Seattle this Saturday and our own sexy liberal, L.A. Kendall has the dish…

This Saturday night, September 29th, Stephanie Miller’s Sexy Liberal Comedy Tour comes back to Seattle with one awesome night of political hilarity at The Paramount Theatre.  The tour, which features Stephanie Miller along with radio show cast members Hal Sparks and John Fugelsang, brings together three of today’s brightest “liberal comedians” for an evening of humor from the left in one sexy package (or as I like to think of it, a little slice of heaven, right here at home).  Stephanie Miller’s Sexy Liberal Comedy Tour, had its premiere engagement in Madison, WI nearly two years ago, where it broke the Barrymore Theatre’s house record for single day ticket sales.  Since then, it’s enjoyed sold out dates across the U.S. and scored the #1 spot on iTunes.  Clearly, the masses are hungry for what this tour has to offer.

I’ve been a fan of Stephanie Miller, forever, girl!  FOREVER!  Eight years ago, when AM 1090 was converted to liberal talk, I discovered her on my morning commute and I’ve listened to her nearly every single day since.  To say I’m a fan is to put it lightly.  She’s smart, funny and brings a fresh perspective to political talk.   Stephanie Miller is no stranger to political talk and current events, as her late father, William E. Miller, was Barry Goldwater’s running mate in the Republican’s failed 1964 bid for the presidency.  Since its September 2004 debut, The Stephanie Miller Show has become one of the most important and fastest growing shows in Progressive Talk, heard across America on radio stations, Sirius Satellite Radio, via podcasts and free live streaming.  Recently, her show was even added to the line up of Current TV, the Peabody and Emmy Award-winning television and online network founded in 2005 by Al Gore and Joel Hyatt.

As a fan, you can imagine my excitement when the delightful, (and sometimes snarky) Michael Strangeways not only arranged for us to get into the show this weekend, but for me to interview Ms. Miller.  I’ve interviewed so many GREAT people for Seattle Gay Scene, but I have to say, this is my MOST FAVORITE assignment yet!  Here’s what she had to say during our brief Q & A….

L.A. Kendall:  Hello Stephanie!  Thanks for agreeing to be interviewed for Seattle Gay Scene in advance of Saturday’s Seattle date of The Sexy Liberal Show!  This is the 3rd pass through Seattle for Sexy Liberal, right?

Stephanie Miller:  Actually, this is the second time we are bringing Sexy Liberal to Seattle. We were there last October for 2 shows at the Moore, but they’ve moved us to the Paramount for one massive show! We’re big time now I guess!

LAK:  Definitely big time girl!  It’s also your birthday this Saturday!  Any special birthday surprises planned for this show?

SM:    Well, there is a celebrity panelist that I’m sworn to secrecy not to disclose. And there are the birthday spanks that I’m getting from the audience! I don’t know who is looking forward to that more, the audience or me!

LAK:  The audience.  Definitely!  You’re going on two years with the tour, right?  Hal Sparks, John Fugelsang and Aisha Tyler have all been guests on your show, what prompted you to take the show on the road?

SM:  The tour started in April of 2011, so we are only 18 months into this insane phenomenon! In terms of saying yes to this, I was tricked by my tour producer Roland Scahill, who promised me unlimited wine, and while being an elderly shut-in, that was a tempting proposition!

LAK:  The Sexy Liberal Comedy Tour has been #1 on I Tunes, has received RAVE reviews, and has sold out venues across the U.S.  It seems to me like you’ve hit a nerve.  People are desperate for the chance to laugh during these tumultuous political times.  To what do YOU owe its success?

SM:  I think people are proud to be liberals. Going back to your last question, the tour was not only a chance to bring the ‘sexy liberal’ movement to different cities but to take back the word ‘liberal’ and show ‘liberals’ as fun, smart, courageous, caring people. The shows have become meeting places for liberals (and sometimes their less than liberal spouses who are dragged along) and seeing the audience have such a great time is so much fun for all us! I attribute its success that people are proud to be branded as liberals, and that is sexy!

LAK:  You always align each date of the show with a charity.  Who’s the beneficiary in Seattle?

SM:  We are working with Gilda’s Club. They do such great work, and it means a lot to me since Gilda Radner was such a great female comedian, who we lost too soon to a horrible disease. Whether liberal or not, I don’t think anyone can quibble with what great work that they do, and it’s our pleasure to help them out with this show.

LAK:  You came out as a lesbian on your show.  I remember that day.  Girl, I had to go online and purchase the Stephcast to make sure I heard right!  I think that was courageous and important.  I’ve been listening to you for years and was SO PROUD.  What was that like for YOU?  

SM:  What was it like for me? Well, it was really GAY! Generally there is no crying in radio but there was, that day. It’s amazing that people still (like you did, my sexy liberal interviewer and listener), bring that day up. If what I did that day helps someone find the courage to come out or help their family accept them, then what I did is even more important. My friend Chely Wright was so right when she said that ‘it’s important for us who can hide, not to‘.

LAK:  As a fan of the show, I love how you end up with callers who become almost regular guests on the show.  I was wondering, are you thinking of bringing “Road Flare Mary” on as a regular?  I love the jingle you guys have for her, btw.   When she told you to smoke your dildo this week, I almost ran my car off the road laughing.  How do you deal with callers like that and maintain your humor?

SM:  Are you kidding? Callers like that ARE my humor! I may send her free road flares to smoke for life if she will keep calling!

LAK:  Your show, along with The Bill Press Show was recently added to the line up on Current TV.  I’m loving it because all my friends who don’t listen to the radio, are now stoked about your show on the TV.  How has that change affected the show?  

SM:  It hasn’t really changed the show, but it’s given us so many more right wing yahoos, such as the tea party guy in Alabama who found the show when he sat on his remote and changed the channel to Current.  Current just premiered a documentary about the Sexy Liberal Tour (and the crazy phenomenon behind it), and it’s great that they are putting out programming such as that in conjunction with the radio show and the tour!

LAK:  Really great!  You’re taking the world by storm girl!  It certainly seems like you are on a roll.  What’s next?  Can we expect a 2016 revival of the Goldwater-Miller campaign?

SM:  Who knows? We may try the campaign one more time! It can’t be any more pathetic than Newt Gingrich’s last campaign.

See why I love her?  You KNOW where I’ll be Saturday night!   Getting’ my sexy liberal on, oh yeah!

This show is nearly sold out!  If you’d like to purchase tickets for yourself and join the sexy liberal revolution, click here. 

For more on Stephanie Miller, click here.

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