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Farewell to “Comeback”…At Least For Now

September 27, 2012 Comments Off on Disco Twinks Cry: No ElektroPOP Tonight As Decibel Fest Takes Over The City Views: 1261 Nightlife, We Love The Nightlife

Disco Twinks Cry: No ElektroPOP Tonight As Decibel Fest Takes Over The City

Orbital headlines at The Paramount tonight before taking a Queer venue by storm in the wee wee hours…all part of Decibel Fest 2012.

It’s a Sad, Sad Day in the Land of Disco Twinks due to the fact that Sinfinite Productions can’t produce the Mama Tits hosted “ElektroPOP!” at the Baltic Room this week. The popular Thursday dance/drag party has to take the week off, (which is good, ’cause Mama Tits could use a night off to wash/set her wigs…) to make way for Decibel Festival, the annual electronic music hootenanny that started last night and goes to Sunday night. (But, don’t worry; ElektroPOP! is back NEXT Thursday, October 4th for their bigass 1 Year Anniversary Show!)

We know NOTHING about this kind of music and only recognize the name of ONE of the performers, the lovely and formerly turbaned Erykah Badu who’s doing a show with The Cannabinoids at The Paramount on Friday night, followed by a late night set at Q Night Club incognito as “DJ Low Down Loretta Brown”, but I’ve been assured that these performers are BIG names in that genre of music and this is a VERY big deal for fans.

Several gay and mixed clubs are hosting events this weekend including The Baltic Room, Re-bar and Q; check our calendar to find out who’s where and doing what. For “party all night long” types, there are after hours shows happening until the wee wee hours of the morning, so stay rested and drink plenty of water.

The BIG show tonight appears to be the “Halcyonic featuring Orbital” show at The Paramount. Little birds have told me that Orbital, who are, in reality, London based brothers¬†Phil and Paul Hartnoll, will be popping up at one of the after hour shows once they are done with their prime time gig. We Question and Query where these possibly loyal subjects of the Queen will be Queing up to peform for potential Queer audiences, but that is all we can say…(wink)

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