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ELEKTROPOP Thursday, and BEEFCAKE is back Friday!

September 4, 2012 Comments Off on Q Opening Countdown: T-Minus100 Hours Views: 996 Nightlife, We Love The Nightlife

Q Opening Countdown: T-Minus100 Hours

The eagerly anticipated new Capitol Hill nightclub venue, Q Capitol Hill is in the final stages of prepping for their private party opening on Friday (yup…we’ll be there…) and the big public opening on Saturday, September 8 with very special guest DJ Quentin Harris and Sister Roma. The new floor is all shiny and glistening with ecstatic expectation and a fresh crop of go go boys were auditioned this last weekend in an effort to meet your go go boy needs…

And, in case you weren’t aware, there is no cover for the opening night event on Saturday so we’re guessing it will be wall to wall people packed into there, so don’t wait until 1am and try to get in, Disco Birds. That shiny new dance hall will be packed to the gills with folks slurping up Q’s branded booze and enjoying that state of the art sound and light system.

Not to mention that zexy co-ed bathroom with the BIG stalls. Good thing gay men can’t get pregnant…

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