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November 12, 2012 Comments Off on Honey Bucket’s ZIZZLING New Video For “My Connie”! Views: 1944 Media, Videos

Honey Bucket’s ZIZZLING New Video For “My Connie”!

Miz Honey is shocked in her video “My Connie” shot by Alex Berry.

If you missed the album release party at Re-bar on Saturday night for rising superstar Honey Bucket’s first album, “American Ho” then you suck ’cause you missed a terrific show with live performances from the Aurora Avenue hobag turned chanteuse and her many guest stars. You also missed a chance to buy the album, which isn’t yet available online…though, you’ll have opportunities at Miz Honey’s shows to pick it up and it should eventually be available for download.

Attendees at the Saturday night par-tay also got to see the premiere of her brand spankin’ new video for her beloved song, “My Connie” shot and edited by our favorite video superstar, Alex Berry. It features the terrific song and a fascinating look at Miz Honey’s life on the Streets as she peddles her wares by renting out her “connie”. It’s funny as hell and highly entertaining and we strongly recommend you check it out though be warned that it could cause you to “sport wood” because that’s what Miz Honey’s connie will do to you…

Miz Honey is a delight in this, but also check out the lovely Ho Mo Arigato as her cohort in connie peddling…she’s looking fishy as HELL!

And, Aurora Avenue never looked better!

Now, we’re just waiting for Weird Al’s version, “My Kanye”….

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