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November 1, 2012 Comments Off on Stuff To Do This Weekend: Cherdonna & Lou’s New Show! Views: 1191 Stuff to Do

Stuff To Do This Weekend: Cherdonna & Lou’s New Show!

Two of Hearts: Cherdonna and Lou!
Photo: Ryan Georgi/PoseWithUs

We are huge fans of the enormous talents and delightful charms of the dance/comedy/burlesque/drag duo of Cherdonna & Lou even though it’s harder than hell to adequately describe who they are and what they do. And, they’re always switching things up, as well…sometimes you get pure slapstick comedy from the duo and sometimes it’s a little artier and a little deeper and frequently it’s a mix from column A and column B…basically, Cherdonna & Lou are the puu-puu platter of Seattle entertainment. It can be meaty and it can be fruity, and juicy or crunchy or maybe a bit skewered…but, it’s always lit up by an internal fire that never fails to keep you entertained.

So, we’re thrilled that the adorable duo have a new show coming up this weekend at Washington Hall. It’s got a long ass title: “The Cherdonna and Lou Show: out out there (A Whole Night Lost)” and it certainly sounds like this could be a Cherdonna & Lou show that leans towards the artier side of the fence:

out out there (A Whole Night Lost), is The Cherdonna and Lou Show’s requiem of fears. They know they are afraid of the same things that everyone else is, but nevertheless Cherdonna and Lou can’t help but wax poetic (with their signature brand of awkward hilarity) about the ugly stuff, from existential crisis to monsters under the bed. Where do our nightmares come from? What parts of us are built from terror? Who do we grasp onto to save ourselves? Cherdonna and Lou walk the fine line between tragedy and comedy as they dance, sing, and shout about the monsters they fear and the monsters they fear that fear will make them become.

So, we’re guessing it’s less slapstick/burlesque and more Art School angst than some of their previous shows…less Re-bar and more On The Boards, if that helps any. But, it’s exactly what we have come to expect, love and appreciate from this duo…they keep us on our toes and we have to say, we love that.

“out out there” is happening two nights only, this Friday and Saturday with shows at 8pm on both days and an extra 10pm show on Saturday and tickets are $20 and available at BrownPaper. It’s at the delightful Washington Hall,¬†153 14th Avenue, in the hard to define area that’s almost the Central District and almost Little Saigon and just a stone’s throw from the King County Teen Prison and Seattle University.

As always, this Cherdonna & Lou joint is highly recommended, sight unseen. They’re in the pantheon of local talent where you can recommend any new work and know that you’re in for something worth experiencing.

Check it out.


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