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So, Whatcha Gonna Be for Halloween?

November 1, 2012 Comments Off on So Many Lovely Photos From Halloween Night 2012 Views: 1418 Halloween Gay Seattle

So Many Lovely Photos From Halloween Night 2012

We’ve already started loading up photos from last night’s 22nd annual Costume Contest at The Grill on Broadway. It was a packed house full of unicorns, digital equipment, politically incorrect Indian costumes, and Muppets. Oh, and quite a few men wearing very very little, or costumes that left NOTHING to the imagination…looking at YOU, Tate Ryder!

Here’s a few photos from the first set to be posted. They’re from Ryan Georgi of PoseWith.Us and you can check out the whole set over on our Facebook page. AND, there is another set to come from Tim Harmon/The Hill Has Eyes.


Jason Brotman and Arden Turnbull were judges…we’re not even gonna comment on what Tate Ryder has in those Spandex…you can turn off “Safe Search” on Google Image and find out for yourself.
Photo: Ryan Georgi/PoseWith.Us

So. Much. Muppet. Love. In one room…
Photo: Ryan Georgi/PoseWith.Us

Monkey Love with Max Davis!!!
Photo: Ryan Georgi/PoseWith.Us

Apparently, “Breaking Bad’s” Walter is in town peddling his Blue Crack…Shawn seems VERY interested in it.
Photo: Ryan Georgi/PoseWith.Us

The top 3 from The Grill on Broadway’s 22nd Annual Costume Contest; The Angel Michael came in 2nd; “Working Olympus Camera” was the Grand Prize/$1000 winner and “Jim Henson/Frank Oz” came in Third. Congrats to EVERYONE!
Photo: Ryan Georgi/PoseWith.Us



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