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May 24, 2011 Comments Off on If it’s Tuesday, it must be SIFF… Views: 1662 Arts & Entertainment, Film, Seattle International Film Festival

If it’s Tuesday, it must be SIFF…

The short film, "He, She, We" features some ZEXY polyamorous LOVE making and it's part of the "Boy Meets Boy" ShortsFest program on Saturday at SIFF Cinema.

It’s quiet on the LGBTQ front at the Seattle International Film Festival today with only one screening, the encore of Mike Mills’ film Beginners starring Ewan McGregor and Christopher Plummer which plays at 4:30pm at the Neptune. We’ve already written a LOT about this film and we’re still a bit bitter about our experiences ATTEMPTING to see the film on Sunday, (long, frustrating and humiliating story) so we’ll just bite our tongue and move on to more pressing things and encourage you to see this charming film.

Coming up on the LGBTQ film schedule in the next few days: the zexy/sad French film Man at Bath screens Wed/Thurs at the Egyptian and star François Sagat is hopefully enroute as we type this to appear in support of the film. Many SGS readers and staff will be attending the Wednesday screening so come and hang out with us, see the film, and maybe have a drink with us afterward (we’re not buying, though…)The filmmakers behind Codependent Lesbian Space Alien Seeks Same will be in town as well for the screenings of their funny, sci-fi spoof which debuts on Saturday at the Egyptian and we hope to talk with them sometime this weekend.

You also need to mark your calendar for the big ShortsFest weekend which starts Friday at SIFF Cinema at Seattle Center. The very popular Shorts programs tend to sell out, so don’t dawdle in booking tickets. It starts with the ShortsFest Opening Night program on Friday that includes the powerful, lesbian themed A.W.O.L, continues Saturday with the Boy Meets Boy program which is entirely gay (a little bisexuality is thrown in as well). On Sunday there’s the program, This Woman’s Work which is NOT specifically about same-sex characters/stories but there’s a film that touchs on those themes. Seattle Stories on Monday (Memorial Day) has a number of amazing local films including the SIFF premiere of The Cherdonna & Lou Show: The Movie! starring our favorite drag king comedy dance duo, the always delightful Cherdonna & Lou. It all wraps up Monday at 6:30pm with the ShortsFest Closing Night program. The short film series DOES sell out…if you’re not going out of town for Memorial Day Weekend, it’s a great way to see a lot of amazing films. And, we’ll talk more about the Boy Meets Boy films in a couple of days…we watched them all, and there are some sizzling films to check out.

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