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November 13, 2012 Comments Off on Two Months In, Q Is Already A Nationally Known Venue Views: 1249 Nightlife, We Love The Nightlife

Two Months In, Q Is Already A Nationally Known Venue

Q placed #6 in’s list of Top 10 Soundsystems in the U.S.
Photo: Tim Harmon/The Hill Has for Q

Scott Smith, Kevin Kauer and the rest of the crew over at Capitol Hill’s newest night club, Q, which only opened two months ago, are all puffed up with pride this week. The dj/night life website just honored the infant club with a spot on its “10 Best Soundsystems in America” list, coming in at #6.


Several Decibel Festival artists, including Phil Hartnoll of Orbital and Roman Flugel, have commented that Q Nightclub in Seattle is one of the best clubs in America. Boasting Seattle’s only Funktion One system, Q Nightclub is world class across the board. The soundsystem is beautifully integrated into the space, and the volume, clarity, and dynamic range is simply insane. It’s a flown system that would normally comprise several F-1 Dance Stacks. At Q, the system has been suspended from the ceiling and walls with the big bass cabinets installed at floor level, which allows the bass to not only pass across the room above floor level, but also under the sprung dancefloor so that the bass resonates into the legs of people dancing. There are also another 20 Funktion One fill speakers and subs located throughout the club. Need more convincing? Steve Lieberman of SJ Lighting—the dude that’s been doing the mainstage lighting for Ultra Music Festival for more than a decade—designed and installed the dancefloor lighting system.

That’s a big honor for such a new club, not to mention that it’s on a list that includes nationally known venues like the #1 ranked Cielo Club in NYC, and the Avalon and the Belasco in Los Angeles.

After a rocky patch or two in the opening couple weeks, including some since corrected issues with the security team and some minor griping about the number of urinals in the co-ed main rest room, Q seems to be settling in and establishing itself as an important night life venue on the Hill and the Seattle Metro area in general. This last Saturday night saw its first big live band performance from the NYC based Midnight Magic, but the club is definitely emphasizing its sound system and commitment to bringing in top national and international djs. Christy Love from the House of Stank is appearing this Saturday night at The Playground, and the world famous Horse Meat Disco is coming in December.

GASP! Is Seattle becoming that meaningless expression, “World Class”?!?!?!

Or, will our poor, but necessary, wardrobe choices hold us back? Can a city where its inhabitants wear flannel and Gore Tex at least ten months of the year compete on a disco fabulous level with NYC, London and LA?



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