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November 13, 2012 Comments Off on CASTING NEWS: Liza With A Z To Guest on “Smash.” Hooray! Meh! Confused! Views: 1172 TV Land

CASTING NEWS: Liza With A Z To Guest on “Smash.” Hooray! Meh! Confused!

I hope those earrings and headband are HALSTON!

That’s right folks Ms. Liza with a Z herself has signed on to guest on the upcoming season of Smash.  NBC has not released many details yet but what is confirmed is Ms. Minneli will be singing with Smash regular Christian Borle (he isn’t worthy, well maybe he is but I still hate Smash).

Readers of Seattle Gay Scene may remember my on again, off again, on again, and off again relationship with Smash last season.  I finally had to cast the show out of my life as it spiraled into insipid mediocrity.  Now I find myself feeling confused.  One the one hand, like any good show queen, I LURVE me some Liza Minneli and will watch pretty much anything she is in (I’m talking about you Rent-a-cop) but on the other hand I HATE Smash.  What to do, what to do?

Ugh!  FINE!  I’ll watch the second season but only because Liza (and Ms. Bernadette Peters) are gracing it with their presence.  On the bright side it will allow me to project untold amounts of anger on a silly show and who knows, maybe the show will actually be good this year…maybe.  If you want to suffer with me tune into NBC on February 5th at 9 PM for the two-hour premier (really, 2 hours?  I am already exhausted).  Where are my dolls????

EDITOR’S NOTE: It’s a double whammy for Liza fans in the spring, ’cause she’s also back on the revival of “Arrested Development” reprising her role as Lucille Two!!!!

We just wee’d a bit in our pants.


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