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April 24, 2012 Comments Off on I Think We Have Hit Rock Bottom, Bollywood-style. Views: 1035 TV Land

I Think We Have Hit Rock Bottom, Bollywood-style.

It is official, “Smash” is bad.

The writing is bad, the scenarios are trite (at best), and the songs are OK but not mind blowing.  The actors all do the best with the material they are given but the show is just bad, BAAAAAADDDD.

This week was not an improvement on last week, if anything this week’s was worse.

The one scene that that epitomizes “Smash’s” slide into mediocrity was the Bollywood scene.  In this scene Karen fantasies that she and Dev are engaged in a Bollywood style-dance/sing off.  Let’s break down what is wrong with this scene:

  1. Dev, an Oxford educated upper-class Englishman of Indian ancestry, has NEVER once expressed one iota of interest in his Indian heritage outside of complimenting Karen on the curry she made.  In fact I believe he mentions that he is third generation English in one of the scenes where he is bitch fighting with Derek.
  2. “Smash,” unlike Glee is terrible at putting on fantasy numbers.  They don’t come with enough regularity to make them part of the shows fabric so they just come off as a distraction and departure from form.
  3. Tired, tired, TIRED!!!!  The Bollywood thing is PLAYED OUT.

I am also very tired of the jealousy storyline between Dev and Karen.  They are both professionals on their way up and ambitious.  Just break up or make up, don’t act like you aren’t both going to do what is best for your career in the end.

Nothing else of note happened.  Rebecca is taking Karen under her wing, at least when it comes to going to parties.  Ivy goes back to backstabbing bitch form, welcome back Slivy.  Ellis is still a conniving little twerp.  Eileen continues to fall in love with her shady bartender friend.  Tom is still dating the obnoxious straight-acting chorus line guy.  Julia and Frank’s son runs away and then comes home and the have dinner, CUTE!

Ugh, I am not sure how I am going to make it through the rest of this dismal season.  I think I will pray for a miracle and drink heavily.

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