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NBC Continues To Commit Artistic Suicide

April 25, 2012 Comments Off on New Showrunner For Smash, Gossip Girl’s Josh Safran…eek!!! Views: 1324 TV Land

New Showrunner For Smash, Gossip Girl’s Josh Safran…eek!!!

Multiple media outlets, including The Hollywood Reporter, are reporting that NBC’s floundering (apparently I am not the only person that thinks so) drama Smash will have a new showrunner for their second season.   Josh Safran, of Gossip Girl fame (or shame depending on your point of view), is taking over as showrunner from Theresa Rebeck, a Broadway playwright and co-creator of Smash.

I have never been a fan of Gossip Girl but I am hopeful that Mr. Safran can right Smash and help it realize the potential it showed at the beginning of this season.

Notes to Mr. Safran:  A good start in turning around the show would be to cut Ellis, he’s little more than a tired of a climber, either cut him or give him more depth.  Also please, please, please toughen and smarten up Karen.  Her cloying, Iowa small town girl routine is becoming thinner by the day.



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