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Thursday Is The New…Day To Get Down & Dirty…Check Out A “Mermaid”…Visit “Grey Gardens”

The musical "Grey Gardens" brings Big & Little Edie Beale to life at ACT this spring.

The musical “Grey Gardens” brings Big & Little Edie Beale to life at ACT this spring.

It’s Thursday and for once, Mr. Strangeways is NOT in Seattle…he’s been evicted from the Emerald City and forced to flee to San Francisco where he’ll hope he’ll “keep better”.

Some of you can relax…I’m just gone for a few days.  I have to go get “San Francisco Gay Scene” off the ground.

In the meanwhile, you should go do stuff and there’s plenty going on tonight, Thursday, March 21st. There’s my obligatory plug for DOWN n’ DIRTY at The Baltic Room starting at 9pm with hostess Robbie Turner. Tonight’s theme is “Madonna vs Gaga” and the special guest is Drew Paradisco as Madonna with Miss Robbie taking on the role of Miss Ga. There will the usual parade of drunken revelry involving barely dressed twinks, gelatin shots, “beer pong” (whatever the hell that is…) and music by DJ PBear and DJ Bret Law. Oh, and we’re apparently still sponsoring their photo booth…though, I’m wondering WHERE THE HELL ARE THE PHOTOS from last week?

Down at Re-bar, the Brown Derby Gang are kicking off their theatrical rape of the beloved Disney/Hans Christian Andersen classic, “The Little Mermaid” with an all-male cast including Freddy “King of Pants” Molitch as Ursula the Sea Witch…good thing Ursula Major left town, because she would be PISSED that someone is playing her signature role…though, the idea of battling Sea Witches is oddly titillating. Doors are at 7pm; show at 8pm and Re-bar is still ridiculously a cash only bar. (And, this show runs through Saturday night.)

Theater nerds, musical theater nerds and fans of eccentric relatives of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis will be at ACT for the premiere of the musical, “Grey Gardens” the musicalization of the cult documentary film by the Maysles Brothers about the mother-daughter duo of Big Edie and Little Edie Beale. “RuPaul Drag Race” fans will recall that Seattle’s own Jinkx Monsoon played Little Edie on an episode of the drag queen competition show.

Little Edie is a dazzling socialite on a downward spiral into a life of illusions and hoarded junk.  Just exactly how did Jackie Kennedy’s cousin end up living in a decaying 42-room mansion full of cats?  First captured in a cult-hit documentary, this true-story-turned-musical will take you on an unforgettable journey.

Set in the East Hampton mansion of the Beale family, Grey Gardens, and based on the cult-hit documentary of the same name, this award-winning intimate musical follows the spectacular decline and fall of Edith Bouvier Beale, a relative of Jacqueline Kennedy, and her daughter “Little Edie” from a glamorous life of cocktails and house parties to a penniless existence of bizarre co-dependency in the shambles of their once-splendid home. Performed in the Allen Arena Theatre,Grey Gardens promises to be one of the most memorable musicals of the Seattle season.

A co-production with the 5th Avenue Theater, “Grey Gardens” officially opens tonight and has a very long run through June 2nd…but tickets are going quickly. This quirky show has a lot of devoted fans and this production has a lot of beloved local actors in it including Patti Cohenour, Suzy Hunt and Jessica Skerritt. You shouldn’t dawdle in getting tickets.

Meanwhile, I’ll be cruising the Castro…

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