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May 31, 2013 Comments Off on Friday Is The New Friday…Get Jack’d/Tuck’d/Cruel Views: 1233 Stuff to Do

Friday Is The New Friday…Get Jack’d/Tuck’d/Cruel

Hannah Victoria Franklin stars in Washington Ensemble Theatre's world premiere of TALL SKINNY CRUEL CRUEL BOYS. Photo: LaRae Lobdell/Photo Sister

Hannah Victoria Franklin stars in Washington Ensemble Theatre’s world premiere of TALL SKINNY CRUEL CRUEL BOYS. Photo: LaRae Lobdell/Photo Sister

It’s back to being warm!


After you’re done cruising at Madison Beach, you need to go to the clerbs…here’s some options:

Jack Fridays at The Seattle Eagle features a Sports Gear theme…wear your crustiest jockstrap and groove with DJ Trouble and Jimi Jaxon. Yes, there will be some nearly nude and furry studs in the “Cage”. This is a Nark/Bottom 40 event but Mr. Nark is still spreading social diseases glitter bombs on his US tour. The filth starts at 10pm.

It’s also time for the Queens of TUCK to take over Chop Suey for their monthly installment of glitter, drag makeovers, booze and a longass intermission. This month’s theme is “Butch, Please” and they’re apparently looking for butch drag…whatever that means. DJs Roy G Biv and Amateur Youth will be joined by the usual suspects: Hostess Ben DeLaCreme, Mama Tits, Robbie Turner, Ade, Aleksa Manila and “Surprise Guests”.

BUTCH, PLEASE- A Boys-Night-Out for Kings, Queens and In-Betweens!

TUCK is celebrating all things beautiful and butch!
Dress it up any way you like- Dapper Dandy, Leather Daddy, Fop, Jock, or just a Queen in a tiny top hat!
Let’s hear it for the boiz!

$10 ($8 in drag)

The doors are at 9pm but these girls go on LATE so you have PLENTY of time to get butched up…we know that’s gonna be a tough row to hoe for most of you nelly queens. Ask your Best Butch Lesbian friend to help you out with flannel shirts and a tool belt!

If you’re more of an artistic type (or, need an early evening event to attend) then you might check out the new show at Washington Ensemble Theatre. WET, as it’s affectionately known, is staging the world premiere of a new play, TALL SKINNY CRUEL CRUEL BOYS by Caroline V. McGraw and it stars the divine Hannah Victoria Franklin and a whole lot of other talented folk. (Plus, the adorable Pete Rush designed the set). More poo:

Brandy is the city’s most sought-after birthday party clown, and she’s never let her drinking, gambling, and bed-hopping interfere with her work—until now. Her teenage boyfriend won’t stop calling, her clients are getting needy…and the monster under her bed is growing restless. Weaving fantasy, clown, and puppetry with brutal reality, Tall Skinny Cruel Cruel Boys asks…what is the price of growing up?

WET isn’t afraid to get freaky/deaky with their productions…if mainstream theater is a bore to you, then you’d be wise to check out anything by WET. Get tickets over here and TALL SKINNY CRUEL CRUEL BOYS runs through June 24 at their theater space at 608 19th Avenue East (next to The King Fish Cafe).

So…go do STUFF!

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