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July 25, 2013 Comments Off on Annual Rant About Capitol Hill Block Party…And, Options To Avoid It Views: 1837 Stuff to Do

Annual Rant About Capitol Hill Block Party…And, Options To Avoid It


There’s nothing WRONG with Capitol Hill Block Party, aka “Straight Pride Weekend With A Bunch Of Bands You Don’t Care About It”…it’s just not our thing. There’s already enough straight suburbanites wandering down Pike/Pine at any given time without this excuse to encourage MORE of them to show up. (No offense to our straight allies…if you like/read this blog, you’re probably too chill to give a shit about CHBP…)

And, we need to say that there are obviously bands performing that lgbtq folks like, including bands that actually include queer members and even queer content. After all, Big Freedia and 18 Individual Eyes are both scheduled to perform. If there are acts you want to see, by all means go and check them out!

However, if you’re not a fan of large crowds of bridge & tunnel 40/50somethings reliving their youth before they left the Hill for their middle class lives/jobs in the burbs, then we have a few suggestions for you to survive the weekend.

1) Leave town. A lot of people do plan to vacate the environs of Seattle the week of CHBP and/or the weekend of Seafair. We envy those people.

2) Avoid Capitol Hill. A slightly cheaper suggestion. Instead of partying on Capitol Hill this weekend, go and play in a DIFFERENT neighborhood or even go to the burbs that have emptied out because all the old former hipsters are on the Hill groovin’ out to The Flaming Lips and getting drunk on Jaeger…

3) Avoid Pike/Pine. Or, at least upper Pike/Pine. There’s plenty to do Friday/Saturday/Sunday at other venues on different parts of the Hill. Some suggestions:

Tuck is happening Friday night at Chop Suey…yeah, it’s CLOSE to the mess but if you’re cunning, you can skirt the problem area and party over on Madison at the Chop/Mad Pub/Diesel/Pony.

Also on Friday, the 26th, head to Central Cinema over at 21st & Union and check out the final monthly screening of “Waxie Moon In Fallen Jewel” the beloved camp classic from director Wes Hurley and starring everyone of your favorite Seattle performers including the one and only Waxie Moon! It’s been a big hit for the last few months, but it’s taking a break from its monthly screenings so it’s your last chance to see it on the big screen for awhile. Check it out!

Also/Also on Friday, Nark Magazine is glittering up The Seattle Eagle again for this week’s edition of JACK…Awesome live performances from PURPLE CRUSH and QUEEN MOOKIE are on tap. Then on Saturday, the 27th, Nark himself is having a DJ duel with special guest, Victor Rodriguez up from L.A. Expect all the usual Nark Magazine shenanigans including hot go gos, jell-o shots, awesome photography and hawt, stinky mens. FUN!

Other Saturday options include DJ Pavone’s STIFFED at Pony with guest DJ TOAST…a new night for party hardy lez ladies and their queer friends at Re-bar, called LEZ BRUT. Here’s some poo on it:

Come ♥Celebrate♥ the Rebar’s new lezQueer~artydance nite as she opens the floor with a performance by ~EverybodyWeekend~fans of LittleDragon~Mickey&Sylvia~TomTomClub & Portishead~ this is for you. Dj PrettyBaby & Dj Devona will introduce the BrutVibe by burning yr boots with choice cuts of Electro, NuDisco, Funk, Trip~Hip Hop & other slicktrix remixed. The ever brilliant Collide-o-Scope is bringing some special lezvidz to the Wall & the premiere of ArtBand will be sexing up the rest.

Sounds like a queerlicious and lezbionic TREAT!

As for Sunday, we suggest you go to the beach.

Oh, and all weekend, look out for Mark “Mom” Finley and the lovely Sylvia O’Stayformore…it’s their BIRFDAY WEEKEND and we wish DELICIOUS WISHES to both of those delightful old birds as they celebrate their many, many, many years of service to the community. Big kisses to them both!


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