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RuPaul Confirms What Seattle Knew A Long Time Ago…IT’S MONSOON SEASON!

Jinkx Monsoon IS America's Next Drag Superstar!!

Jinkx Monsoon IS America’s Next Drag Superstar!!

OK…we were 99% sure that Seattle’s Own Jinkx Monsoon was going to win Season Five of “RuPaul’s Drag Race”. Still, it was nerve wracking waiting for RuPaul to make the announcement at the end of Monday night’s season finale of the hit drag competition show on Logo. When Ms Charles announced Jinkx as the winner, there were screams of joy heard from one end of Capitol Hill to the other. And since clever local folks have figured out to set their DVRs to pick up the earlier East Coast feed, those screams started at about 7:25pm Pacific Time. Those shrieks of joy reverberated over the course of the next few hours as word quickly spread via social media and then officially at the end of the West Coast telecast. The hills were alive with the sounds of “IT’S MONSOON SEASON!”

As for the divine Jinkx, she was in New York for the big finale so she didn’t get to share in the immediate reaction of her biggest fans. Hopefully, we can give her a big homecoming party…someone go plan a ticker tape parade! (Also: someone travel back in time to when they actually had ticker tape machines…)

And, while we’re thrilled that RuPaul herself anointed Jinkx as America’s Next Drag Superstar, we have to point out that we knew it loooooooooong ago, and that’s not just civic pride. Long before the national fame and attention, the clever alternative drag fans of both Seattle and Jinkx’s hometown of Portland had discovered the many facets of Ms Monsoon AND her male counterpart, Jerick Hoffer’s immense talent, whether it was singing bawdy versions of show tunes at dingy bars, or bringing down the house at Bacon Strip, or playing duel roles in “Henry V” for Seattle Shakespeare…Monsoon Season started years before we even knew the storm clouds were on the horizon.

But, Jinkx AND Jerick kept moving on up and there are a lot of us in town who are very proud and very happy that the rest of the world is finally catching up with what we already knew. And, frankly, it couldn’t have happened to a nicer or more generous person. There are a few skeptics on the webs who doubt Jinkx’s sincerity and kindness as displayed during RPDR but we have to break it to them…that is the real Jinkx and the real Jerick Hoffer. And, the haters had better learn to deal with it, because this really is “Just the Beginning”. Grab the raincoat, galoshes and umbrella because Monsoon Season (and the Hoffer Hurricane) is just getting started.

A big, fat, wet sloppy toast to OUR Superstar, Jinkx Monsoon.


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