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It’s Seafair Week…Why Not Escape To Vancouver Pride & Enjoy The “Rapture”?

Rapture: Victory is the BIG EDM Party at Vancouver BC Pride on Sunday, August 4.

Rapture: Victory is the BIG EDM Party at Vancouver BC Pride on Sunday, August 4.

Straight Pride, the Summer Seattle Edition continues for ANOTHER bloody week as Seafair, the annual Chamber of Commerce ┬áPridefest/Ain’t Seattle Grand?/Let’s Watch Fast Boats & Noisy Fucking Airplanes festival kicks off into high gear. We endured Capitol Hill Block Party all last weekend and the lovely Torchlight Parade/Seafair kick-off was on Saturday, (who goes to that?) and this coming weekend features the boat racey thingies on Lake Washington and….NO BLUE ANGELS THIS YEAR!!!!!!!!

Yes, you read that correctly. In case you missed hearing about it in the spring, federal budget cuts took aim at the Blue Angels, the air show flying jets fuckfest/the publicity arm of the US Navy that some people really enjoy and millions more despise for being a noisy waste of time and money.

The bad news: Seafair organizers replaced them with the all volunteer, Patriots Jet Team which is apparently a slower and less noisy version of the Blue Angels.

We’ll endure these guys, and hope they aren’t prone to crashing their jets into our neighborhoods, but smart cookies might want to leave town this weekend as well. We know some folks are headed into the mountains/the shore to camp, and others will be heading down to Portland for their Queer Music Festival, but we also know there will be folks headed across the boarder north to Vancouver BC and their bigass weekend of Prideful Fun.

We even snagged ourselves a lovely new sponsor from Up North…Rapture presents the “largest gay pride event in Western Canada”, RAPTURE:VICTORY, an electrifying night of electronica and live performance happening Sunday, August 4, 2013 at the Commodore Ballroom, 868 Granville Street in beautiful Vancouver, BC. Producer/DJ Danny Verde is the headliner with the opening set by DJ Adam Dreaddy and “OZ Themed” performances from Shokra, Cassandra and Morgan McMichaels. You can snag tickets to this mega party, over HERE!

But, there’s a Canadian Ass Full of Fun happening ALL week with things kicking off into high gear on Friday with the Davie Street Pride Party happening in the heart of Vancouver’s HomoHood. Our own Jinkx Monsoon is the headliner for this street party but there are a lot of other performers/djs as well. It’s $20 (Canadian) and it’s a 19+ event (yes…didja forget that the drinking age is lower in the Great White North?)

Sunday, August 4th is the big day with the Vancouver Pride Parade and the Pride Festival at Sunset Beach with Deborah Cox as the headliner. You can find out tons more info on these and many other Vancouver Pride Week events over HERE!

Oh, and if you DO plan on going to CanadaLand, we hope you have a valid/current passport or enhanced Driver’s License….you need one to cross the border, or, more accurately, to get BACK into the United States. We’d hate to see you stranded in the land of moose, hockey, Rush and poutine for the rest of your lives…Don’t get us wrong! We j’adore Canada, but you can only watch so many reruns of Red Green, Degrassi High and Hockey Night in Canada…



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