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July 30, 2013 Comments Off on Night Cadet’s “Seaside” Is Dreamy…AND, You Can Catch Them At Portland’s Queer Music Fest Views: 1611 Arts & Entertainment, Music

Night Cadet’s “Seaside” Is Dreamy…AND, You Can Catch Them At Portland’s Queer Music Fest

Photo Credit: From the video "Seaside" by Alex Berry.

Photo Credit: From the video “Seaside” by Alex Berry.

It’s always a pleasure to showcase talented folks…yes, really! Mr. Strangeways is not being snarky! We LOOOOOOVE letting y’all know about fantastic artists and the fantastic art they make….it gives us pleasure.

So, it’s RAAAAAAL pleasurable to be able to expose you to the hyper fantastically talented Seattle musical group NIGHT CADET (Seth Garrison, Garrett Vance, Barret Anspach, Spencer Bray) and their brand spanking new music video for their song “Seaside” filmed by Alex Berry. It was shown a couple weekends ago at the Twin Peaks Dance Party and the video (and song) both have a dreamy, weird, David Lynchian vibe going on…lots of queer shots of queer boys doing queer things at the seashore involving a corpse. It’s a bit sexy and a whole lotta macabre and the photography is stunning. And, the “Twin Peaks” thing isn’t a surprise; Angelo Badalamenti, the composer for “TP” is an influence for Night Cadet. This song references those influences but it’s never overwhelmed by them. The Cadets create their own lush, lyrical take on the material and add a queer spin to it. It’s melodramatic but there’s nothing wrong with that…melodrama is just drama with a bit of embellishment.

Night Cadet is also evacuating Seattle this weekend…maybe not so much to avoid SeaFair, but to participate in the third annual PORTLAND QUEER MUSIC FESTIVAL. This year, it’s been expanded to two days and features a terrific line-up of talent from the Pacific Northwest and beyond. It’s happening Friday & Saturday, August 2 & 3, at Crush, 1412 SE Morrison St in Portland…that’s the Southeast side of the city, between Burnside and Hawthorne. You can get tickets HERE.

If you can’t go to Canada due to your many DUI’s and you can’t stomach SeaFair, then we suggest a visit to the Rose City and a weekend of Queer Music….also, Portland has better coffee and restaurants than Seattle.

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