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“Mimosas With Mama” Prepares To Defy Gravity // Ease on Down The Road // Go Over That Rainbow

Will Mama Tits defy gravity? Of course, she will!

Will Mama Tits defy gravity?
Of course, she will!

The cast of “Mimosas With Mama”, the uber popular Sunday drag brunch show hosted / created / produced by Mama Tits, has had quite a year. They have faced up to the challenges of staging 30 minute-ish productions of HAIRSPRAY and DREAMGIRLS, the loss of their first home, temporary homelessness and a move to a new location at Pike Street’s Narwhal under The Unicorn. Their just closed DREAMGIRLS was a huge hit…how do they top themselves?

See the headline, stupid. They’re going to…..OZ!

Yes, the beloved children’s class, THE WONDERFUL WIZARD OF OZ has been adapted into so many musical variations than Mama Tits can cut and paste favorite moments and songs from the original MGM/Judy Garland film, THE WIZARD OF OZ and the divine 1970s, African American stage/film adaptation THE WIZ, and the most recent ode to all things Oz, the clunky but hugely popular 21st Century take on the material, WICKED based on the novel by Gregory Maguire. It’s a delicious smorgasbord of all things Ozzy and we’re guessing you’re going to hear a jukebox full of Ozian hits from all three versions.

“Mimosas” is dark this Sunday, February 2 to stay out of the way of the Super Bowl and for the cast/crew to do a dress/tech rehearsal for the new show. (And, just a reminder that the cast of Mimosas includes the wicked talents of Tipsy Rose Lee, Isabella Extynn St. James and DJ Disco Vinnie). THE WICKED WIZ OF OZ will open the following Sunday, February 9, 2014; grab tickets HERE! The growing popularity of this show means you probably should book ahead…door tickets are can be available but this show CAN sell out, so plan accordingly. (Note: Sunday, February 16 IS sold out of advance tickets! A few tickets should be available at door/day of show!) And, this is what you can expect, (from Mama’s own lush, gushing lips/fingers):

Think of ”Mimosas with Mama“ as dinner theater during the day, it’s Brunch Theater! We have a breakfast buffet, a brunch menu, a full bar, JELL-O shots and Drag Queens! What more could you ask for on a Sunday?
Let the cast of ”Mimosas with Mama“ take you on a crazy, wild, fun journey you never knew you wanted to take. It’s comedy, lip syncing, live singing, performance art, audience participation, great food, fabulous drinks and Fierce Queens all rolled up into 1 fabulous show!
Act 1 of ”Mimosas with Mama“ is a fabulous cabaret variety show including our signature Game Show (This Deal is a Drag) for our ½ time fun.
Act 2 of the show features one of our unique, professionally choreographed and produced “Mini Musicals”. You have heard the rave revues of the past producti/ons at “Mimosas with Mama” like “30-Minute (ish) Hairspray” and “30-Minute DreamGirls”; now ”Mimosas with Mama“ goes further than before to bring you “The Wicked WIZ of OZ” a fabulous fairy tale of wicked proportions. This new twist to a classic story we all know and love takes the Wizard of OZ, The WIZ and Wicked to untold heights blending the stories into one seamless 45 minute mini musical production not to be missed! This new production is complete with fabulous costumes, stunning visual effects and masterful set and lighting design opening 2/9/2014 at “Mimosas with Mama”

From her crimson lips/talons to your perky ears/eyes.

Mimosas with Mama is the perfect Sunday antidote/hangover cure for all the excesses of Saturday night…DO IT!

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