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June 14, 2014 Comments Off on Old Folks AND Teens Can Be Crowned Mr/Miss/Ms Seattle Gay Pride! Views: 1658 After Dark / After Hours, Arts & Entertainment, Nightlife, Pageant Land

Old Folks AND Teens Can Be Crowned Mr/Miss/Ms Seattle Gay Pride!

Live through THIS, Miss/Ms/Mr Gay Pride Seattle!!!!

Live through THIS, Miss/Ms/Mr Gay Pride Seattle!!!!

If there is one nightclub that isn’t afraid or annoyed at all to host pageant queens and pageants galore, it’s Neighbours Nightclub. And this year, the Seattle Pride Pageant is returning in all its glory to crown a new crop of titleholders, in cooperation with Seattle Pride. Billed as the best way to kick-off Pride season, it will surely be something not to miss if you’re a fan of all things draggy and pageanty.

Your reigning Miss, Ms, and Mr of 2013 are Alessandra Hunt, Avia Moliga, and Jack Mozie with all three on tap to perform. This year’s soiree will be hosted by none other than Isaac Scott, who after departing “Le Faux” at Julia’s on Broadway, has quickly become a staple at Neighbours, thanks in part to her Hollaback Thursday hosting gig. Aside from that, Miss Seattle Pride 2012, Ebony LaFace, will also be hitting the stage.

The contestants will be judged on their Evening Wear, 5 Minute Talent, their Pride Look, and be subjected to a Question & Answer segment. There is a Panel of Judges, but they weren’t listed on the event page. Whatever the case, sounds like a regular pageant and should be very interesting. The pageantry begins on this Sunday, June 15th with the doors flying open at 7PM and the show promptly starting at 8pm. (There wasn’t a cover price listed, so I assume it’s free?)(Editor: It IS!!!!)

(Added info: we think you can STILL enter…here’s the poo: 

This Sunday! If you haven’t turned in the Contestant Application, please do so soon to or in person at Neighbours!

Three days later, the KidzBop version of the Seattle Pride pageant will be featured, again at Neighbours, or as it’s billed:Mr., Ms., and Miss Seattle Teen Pride Pageant”It will be hosted by The Mother Alien, aka Drew Paradisco, and she will be joined by her daughter Jessica, Jack Mozie, and DonnaTella Howe. There’s a $10 fee to enter the competition and $5 cover for all the friends, family, and fans. However, 21+ gets in for FREE!!!!

Earn those crowns, bee-atches!

But, why no love/crown for the Plus Sized Gals? Where’s the “Miss/Ms/Mr Seattle Pride PLUS Pageant”? Unfair to Big Gals!!!!!

Poor Olivia….

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