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June 7, 2014 Comments Off on Our Dirty Hill Needs A Good Scrubbin’….Help Clean It Up Views: 3317 Community Service/Volunteer, News

Our Dirty Hill Needs A Good Scrubbin’….Help Clean It Up



Capitol Hill is a dirty ole slut*…She/He** is covered in FILTH and it’s up to us to scrub her/him clean. After all, we got lotsa company coming in the next few weeks for Pride Festivities so we need to make the ole trollop “Sparkle, Neely, SPARKLE!!!”  for all our guests…who will promptly get the Hill dirty all over again.

To that end, Egan Orion over at Seattle PrideFest, (our favorite Big Gay Boy Scout), likes to organize a cleaning detail every year to remove a layer or two of used condoms, Rainier beer cans, banana peels, dental floss pics, and assorted other crap from our beloved and rapidly gentrifying streets…’cause those bigass developers/the city sure ain’t gonna do it. Egan and PrideFest partner up with the Capitol Hill Chamber of Commerce to SWEEP the streets clean of all the debris in the GAY DAY OF SERVICE/CLEAN SWEEP.

If you like cleaning and tidying, this is your chance to do it on a community wide scale. Go sign up for a shift for the SWEEP which is happening Sunday, June 8, 2014 starting at 10 am. They’ll even feed you MULTIPLE meals and give you a t-shirt for you troubles and hard work! SWEEEEEET!

More poo and a registration link:


Want to help your community and have fun at the same time? This year, PrideFest’s Gay Day of Service and Capitol Hill Chamber of Commerce’s Clean Sweep join together for a big clean of Capitol Hill streets.

We provide breakfast, lunch, event t-shirt, and cleaning supplies. You can come as a group or by yourself (we’ll connect you with a group). A great way to start Pride month!

Music provided by Kendall’s DJ & Event.
DJ LA DJ L.A. Kendall, Tony Burns & DJ Skiddle

Show up by 10am, complete your registration, and grab a bite, then we’ll send you on your way to beautify the streets of Capitol Hill. Last year over 300 people joined in on the Clean Sweep. This year it will be even bigger!


And, remember, we’re not mad at YOU…

We’re mad at the disgusting piss, shit, spit, blood, vomit and cum you left behind on your last drunken crawl down Pike Street, you disgusting drunken slutty man/woman whore!!!!



*Note: no slut shaming intended. Though, at some point, mega sluts could use a LITTLE shaming…I mean, 22 visits to the Clap Doctor in one year? Tsk, Tsk….

**We’re pretty sure Capitol Hill occupies a constantly shifting presence on the gender variant graph.

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