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June 7, 2014 Comments Off on Pride Idol Got “Wild”…The Finals Happen Sunday At Neighbours Views: 1548 Arts & Entertainment, Music

Pride Idol Got “Wild”…The Finals Happen Sunday At Neighbours

The cast for Pride Idol 2014's Wild Card Round at Neighbours Nightclub.

The cast for Pride Idol 2014’s Wild Card Round at Neighbours Nightclub. Photo: Jen DeLeo/Seattle Pride.

After 32 weeks of competition, Seattle Pride’s PRIDE IDOL, its annual singing competition leading up to Pride Month in Seattle, finally heads into its ultimate conclusion, the FINALS happening Sunday, June 8 at 8pm at Neighbours Night Club. The 10 weekly winners and the two Wild Card choices will meet up to compete for the top prize as this year’s Pride Idol and a big prize package of goodies.

But, a brief bit about the Wild Card Round which went down on Sunday, June 1 where runners up from the previous 10 rounds met up for a chance for the last two spots in the Finals. I was lucky enough to be a judge along with former Idolites, Michael “The Mouth That Roared” Allen and Jack “I ordered chicken strips but didn’t share with the other judges at the far end of the table” Mozie, and last year’s Pride Idol winner Scott “I stole a joke from Mr. Strangeways who wasn’t happy about it” Crawford. The lovely Cherry Tart was a judge but she sat at the other end so I didn’t get a chance to interact with her, so I don’t feel comfortable in making snarky jokes about her.

Two Michaels...Strangeways and Allen. WE were entertaining as hell.  Photo: Jen DeLeo/Seattle Pride

Two Michaels…Strangeways and Allen. WE were entertaining as hell. We held ALL the secrets.
Photo: Jen DeLeo/Seattle Pride

The hosts were Olivia “So lucky to get work” LaGarce and Mizz Honey “my wig is racist” Bucket. Michael “I’m far more talented than most of the people in this room” Cagle performed as did former Pridol winner Victor “My Guns Just Get Bigger and Bigger” Cruz and some hot back up dancers, who debuted his new Velo single, “Twink” which would describe the majority of the people in the audience.

Most of the competitors were frankly kind of awful in one way or the other but a few did shine including the two who won the night, Paul Peterson who did “I Believe” from The Book of Mormon and Tony James performing the classic, “The Man Who Got Away”.

(Complete event information, including scheduling, video of James and Peterson’s performances and highlights from the entire evening, is available at

Mr. Peterson and Mr. James move on to Sunday night’s finals along with:

Joshua Porterfield

Jordan Hostetter

Sherry Eberhardt

Ruth Soto

Kari Callin

Ryan Hazy

Weston Lucas

Paul Flanagan

Jessica Swenson

Jessie Perry

I’ll be back as the Very Special-est Guest Judge Ever along with host Olivia LaGarce and I think Mama Tits…I think.

It’ll be a hoot!!!! I’m very, very, very FUNNY!!!

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