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September 4, 2014 Comments Off on Are You Ready For Some Seahawks Football? Views: 2448 Living, News

Are You Ready For Some Seahawks Football?

Sadly, Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch probably WON'T be nude tonight.... Photo: Carlos Serrao

Sadly, Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch probably WON’T be nude tonight….
Photo: Carlos Serrao/ESPN

Actually, no…I”m not.

BUT, I’m self aware enough to realize that bajillions of local fans of the Stanley World Cup Series Dinah Shore Classic winning Seattle Seagullhawks are all keen for their Sportzball fun to get a’goin’….which it apparently is, tonight, Thursday September 4 as Green Bay FudgePackers come to town to take on our men in blue at one of those big stadium thingies south of downtown.

Which is lovely for fans….and, a nightmare for traffic. You’ve been warned.

If you aren’t rich/important enough to actually get tickets to the game, then eager homospecial fans and allies can watch The Big Game in their favorite Sports Bar. We’re sure several gay bars will be blasting the game but we KNOW The Wildrose is on board. One: Many lesbian ladies LURVE their Sportsball. Two: We saw a Facebook invite alerting us to the fact. We suggest you support “our” team and our lovely lady loving lady friends down at the ‘rose. If you’re clueless about football, then ask LOTS of questions. Fans love to answer dumb questions while watching the game and drinking their Bud Lites.

Everyone else can stay home and feel sad about losing Ms Rivers and her deliciously acerbic tongue.

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