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Legendary hills and pizza: The week in music 2/10

Post Grammy madness, life goes on. (With or without Kanye’s approval.) The SGS Music Calendar for the week of 2/10/15 to 2/15/15.

Tuesday, February 10

Lucinda Williams, Kenneth Brian Band


Neptune (Map), 8 PM, All ages, $37.50

Lucinda Williams (courtesy

Lucinda Williams is one of the best and most significant country musicians to come up in recent memory. You can fairly compare her to both Willie Nelson and Patti Smith. She always travels with an excellent, rocking band (check her live albums) and she’s still very much in her prime. Lucinda’s songwriting is first rate and many of her songs immediately joined the American canon. Lucinda’s most recent album, 2014’s “Down Where the Spirit Meets the Bone,” continues her trend away from the twang and towards bluesy southern rock.

Wednesday, February 11

Siq Fux, Thaddeus David, SneakGuapo


Nectar (Map), 8 PM, All ages, $8.00

Thaddeus David is a stalwart of Seattle’s hiphop scene. His steady, purposeful flow matches his subject matter: he raps about his grind. He is working, rapping, working on rapping. He also loves pizza (see above). His last EP, “Paralells”, is all quick hits: each joint is about two minutes long. It’s all focused, intentional boom-bap, perfect cuts for going around the city and taking care of your business. Thaddeus is joined by fellow Moor Gang crew member SneakGuapo, who dropped his spaced out mixtape “Lighthouse on Jupiter” in April.

Thursday, February 12

Industrial Revelation, Heatwarmer, McTuff


Neumos (map), 8 PM, 21+, $12.00

Industrial Revelation plays jazz after jazz. They defy labeling— they will often follow traditional jazz form, but their sense of melody and their dynamics, how they will swell and vamp at the end of a progression, are informed by rock. Often their drummer drops into a boom bap that any MC would thrill to spit over—and somehow you can catch a hint of a trumpeter rapping through his horn. They play for now and the future.

Friday, Febuary 13

Billy Idol, Broncho


Paramount (Map), 8 PM, 21+, $40.00

Billy Idol was the perfect pop star for Thatcher’s England. He sneered and stomped around, adopting the pose of the punk if not its values. Watching him in his early days, you get the feeling that he didn’t give a shit. (He also had an uncomfortable affinity for the Confederate flag.) He got rich and famous with no apology—something other punks always have a problem with. He made pop hits with incredible hooks. But it turns out we had it all wrong.

Saturday, February 14

Bottom 40’s Kremwerk 1st Anniversary Party

DJ/Dance (All genres)

Kremwerk (Map), 8 PM, 21+

While other venues are shutting down, and Capitol Hill started to become more “legendary” by the day, Kremwerk opened up last year not too far afield in the mostly empty Denny Triangle. Kremwerk puts together great DJ sets and it’s good to the gays.  Tonight the club is celebrating its banner first year with a Valentine’s Day party put on by Bottom 40’s broad-ranging selectors.

Sunday, February 15

The Stray Birds, Cahalen & Eli


Tractor Tavern (Map), 8 PM, 21+, $15.00

The Stray Birds (

The Stray Birds play uncontrived bluegrass. It’s not the progressive, jam-band style that has become popular in recent years; the songs are all deliberately and artfully constructed. The three piece—guitar, banjo, bass, sometimes mandolin and fiddle—play with tinges of country and rock style, but their vocal melodies are simple, beautiful folk. All three are fine singers, but the blend of their harmonized voices is something to behold. Local folkies Cahalen & Eli open.

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