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Stuff To Do: Hot Flash…Ian Schuelke…the Eagle Turns 34

Ian Schuelke wants a TV Show....and some ThunderSpunk? Photo: Chris Wells

Ian Schuelke wants a TV Show….and some ThunderSpunk? Photo: Chris Wells

Saturday is here in all its windy awesome Marchness.

For THIS Saturday, March 21, 2015, here’s STUFF to do:

For da Ladies Who Lika da Ladies: Hot Flash Spring Fling is going down at Neighbours from 6pm to 10pm with DJ Ricki Leigh.

Meanwhile, comedian Ian Schuelke is still DESPERATELY trying to get his own TV show via his monthly stage show at Rendezvous in Belltown. Won’t you help him out by cheering him on?

Ian Schuelke returns for another night of comedy, music, and weirdness. Will the crew be recovered from their sports drink addiction? Will Upward Thrust threaten the sanity of the show with a new product? Will Ian ever have total control over his own show?

This month’s special guests:
The angel voice of Abi Grace!
Puppetry and strangeness from Good Evening, Mr. Homunculus!
Marvin Bonfonzo, Hypnotist Extraordinaire!

Tickets on sale now! $10adv/$15dos:

Meanwhile, the producers of the popular filth fest, “Area 2181” are taking a break to produce a birfday party for The Seattle Eagle who turn 34 this week. They have DJs Pavone, Almond Brown and Rob Winter to satisfy your ear holes and lots of hot men to satisfy your other openings.

But, that’s not all! Tons more events over on our FABULAR Event Calendar! Go!

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