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#TheSeattleTParty featuring The Re-Education of Alessandra Hunt

(Photo/Allan Carandang)

(Photo/Allan Carandang)

Last summer, I had a bi-weekly series featuring spotlighted interviews of local “gaylebrities,” even though I hate that word, but now I’m doing it all year round, mothafuckas! I have returned for a bi-weekly joint called #TheSeattleTParty where I will interview virtually anyone I want. One week it could be a drag queen, the next week it could be a go-go boy, and maybe even a ‘Drag Race’ star. Who the fuck knows, really!? All you need to know is that I love getting the juice spilled out of people, in more ways than one.

If we can rewind just a moment to three years ago, I had emerged on the Washington drag circuit and met a bubbly bastardized version of Beyonc√© named Alessandra Hunt at one of DonnaTella Howe’s many fundraisers. I then watched her as she grew to be a fierce queen that would command an audience, but then all of a sudden she vanished quicker than Q Nightclub calling itself a gay nightclub. But now, she is back and says she is better than ever. She had to educate herself. The re-education, if you will.


Seattle Gay Scene: Let’s start with the good juice first. You have been ridiculed for the on-again/off-again drag career approach. What do you have to say to your naysayers about that? Do you think they should be worried about their own craft/hobby, instead of swinging their hate-boner at you?
If I had a dollar for every time someone gave me shit about quitting, retiring, or taking a break I could buy Century Link, Key Arena and Safeco Fields so that they could all have seats. Honestly, when I tell people I’m on hiatus, it is because I don’t want to keep answering the same questions about “Where is Alessandra?” all of the time. I’m not doing it for attention and I’m not doing it for the benefit of others. A lot of the time it’s from people that don’t even do drag. Most queens understand what it’s like to feel burnt out; when drag is no longer fun. Then again, there are some other queens who try and be shady and make comments about “Oh I thought you quit,” as they file their nails. At which point I raise my brow, purse my lips, mouth pop, and walk away. I have no time for basic bitches. Mabu-BYE!

You did take a long hiatus, but now it seems like you’re coming back into the fold. What has brought on the new resurgence of Miss Hunt?
Well, I took some time off to do real estate and also focus on hosting a high school volleyball team. I was just really scatterbrained, I wasn’t inspired, and I felt like it started to spill over into my drag. I took a long break because I wanted to center myself, I guess – just like you, Heather (laughs), but I think I quote-unquote found myself, especially after getting married to my husband Brandon. I’m in a much better place now in life and I’m ready to stomp the runway.

Last year, you tackled Miss Seattle Gay Pride, would you ever consider running for another title? Or, are you not really looking for a title right now?
I actually have considered both Miss Gay Seattle and Miss Gay Washington. I almost ran last year! At the end of the day, I didn’t do nearly as much as I wanted to do with ‘Gay Pride,’ so I want to make sure I can commit to making a difference if I win. I think at this point in my life, I am more than able to fully commit myself 110% to another title and would like to run for something again. Stay tuned.

Feeling her fantasy with La Saveona at R Place's Thirsty Thursdays.

Feeling her fantasy with La Saveona at R Place’s Thirsty Thursdays.

Talk about your relationship with your drag mother La Saveona Hunt.
La Saveona and I have had our ups and downs, as all families do, but we both know that we are each others’ ride or die. She helped me get started with drag and made sure I earned my bookings myself, not just because I am her daughter. We have a lot of tough love towards each other but it iss because we try and make each other better and stronger. She is first and foremost my friend. I knew her way before I moved here or did drag. Our humor and volleyball friends tie us together tighter than anyone can imagine. Sure, we have our disagreements and throw shade every once in awhile, but I know she always has my back.

You’re also very close with Seattle legend Gaysha Starr. How has she dragspired you to move forward with your drag?
Gaysha, Gaysha, Gaysha. She and I actually didn’t really become friends until she moved away and I talk to her at least every few days. We dish to each other, talk drag, pageants, life, goals etc; she has truly become one of my role models and someone I look up to. We have spent many a day and night venting to one another and she keeps me going, keeps me headed in the right direction in drag and in “real” life. I am so happy for her move to San Francisco and can’t wait to see what big things she will sit on…I mean, accomplish.

You’ve been called “The DSLs of the Evergreen State,” how do you feel about that?
I love it! I sometimes get asked if I’ve had work done on my lips. Bitch, if I had the money to get that done you’d know if I had it done! Okurrr?

What’s up with you and your man Brandon Tuttle? You mentioned before that you’re married now!
We had a rough patch, but it has made our relationship so much stronger and better! We got married in Vegas and it was really wonderful. We’re doing well and I’ve never been happier. He’s the perfect drag husband, too! Always willing to just quietly wait for me as I werq on stage. Love you, B.

Alessandra Hunt, pictured here with RuPaul's Drag Race winner Bianca Del Rio and her husband Brandon Tuttle. (Photo/Travers Dow)

Alessandra Hunt, her husband Brandon Tuttle, and RuPaul’s Drag Race S6 winner Bianca Del Rio.
(Photo/Travers Dow)

Do you prefer being a freelance-queen or would you ever consider being on a cast of a local production?
I love being able to do what I want, when I want and I feel similarly to being on a cast to holding a title. If I was on a cast, I’d want to be able to devote more time than I currently have. So, I’m happy being freelance for the time being, but I’m open to casting couches. I mean… nope… that’s what I meant.

You’re also super into volleyball. How’s that going for you? I remember you blew your knee out at one point and then powered through a drag performance. Are you proud of your Angela Bassett-ness while in drag?
If playing sports makes you a butch queen, I’m one of the butchest on the hill. I love sports and volleyball is my main sport. In fact, Gay Volleyball Championships is coming to Seattle this year! I have a torn meniscus in one of my knees and every so often it’ll catch in the middle of a performance, so I have to force it to pop back and keep going. The show must go on! For awhile, I was very attentive to what my body looked like in and out of drag and always making sure to keep my arms in check. I often joke that I don’t want La Saveona arms. But, in reality, I think all body types should be embraced in drag. Whether you have bingo wings, thunder thighs, or you look like you’re in your third trimester… OWN IT BITCH!

Last question. What’s next for Alessandra Hunt?
I have some dragspirations I’d like to achieve. And really, I’m just going to keep doing drag so long as it makes me happy. I don’t need to be booked at a club every weekend to feel like I’m succeeding. I’m really glad you asked me about running for another title. Like I said, stay tuned. Stay really tuned. *cluck*


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