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Lesbian on the Prowl? Get to Kremwerk!


FINALLY!! A drag king show in Seattle!

That’s right, ladies. No longer do you have to travel to Kent, Tacoma, or out of state to get your king fix. Because *someone* finally had the wherewithal to hold an amateur drag king contest (I’m thinking it was NG Langston). It may actually be a regular event! Gasp!

TONIGHT at Kremwerk, see a bunch of studs strut their stuff for a measly $5 at the door. The event precedes the first anniversary of Kiss Off, and the $5 covers both events. At 9pm, bring your most sultry lips and glitter while dancing the night away to DJs LA Kendall, Toya B, and Julia PlanetDisco. And oh yes please go-go dancer Mara Quarantine!

Julie Andrews, “Victor/Victoria”

Honestly, you should be stoked. Yes, you. Why? Because drag kings are as much a part of lesbian herstory as queens are to gays. Though perhaps slightly quieter. It’s been years since I’ve seen a king show, and it was a heavy part of queer culture in my hometown. The best act in my mind was a pinstripe-suited Frank Sinatra doppleganger lounge-sashaying to “New York, New York.” Backstage I learned the joys of Spirit Gum and binding. (Seriously, bois, you’ll have to do more than paint a mustache.) You might say I have a specific set of standards for new kings. From what Langston has already stated on the event page, the competition looks like it’ll be lively and fierce!

The audience will need to shout/moan their joy at the best contestant to compete in a grueling set of FIVE events. Said contestant with the most audience love shall win. May the odds be ever in his favor.

Do these amateurs have what it takes to woo your heart and/or give you a lady hard-on? Can any of them truly dance, or just imitate a music video? Does anyone think they can win with some mediocre Kanye? Will enough people show up to ensure the continuation of drag king euphoria?

Obtain the answers to these questions and more, tonight!  

Stormé DeLarverie, a Stonewall veteran. Photo:

Stormé DeLarverie, a Stonewall veteran.

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One Response to Lesbian on the Prowl? Get to Kremwerk!

  1. Langston says:

    Thank you so much for this shout out!!!!!!!! I’m excited to hold this event in Seattle. I feel it will allow people to open their minds to the more androgynous side of drag kings rather than the just typical masculine stereo type. I have almost a decade of experience and i just want to share it with anyone here wanting to expand their artistic sides and have a little fun. I can assure you the contestant in this show are in it to win it. This will be something to truly not miss 😉