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“Fag” Shaming Isn’t Cool

This meme was very triggering to us. It has a shitty tone to it.
We’re not cool with “fag” or “femme” shaming. Butch, heteronormality isn’t better (or worse) than being fabulously and proudly queer, just duller and blander.
Bragging you prefer to sit in your mancave, drinking brewskis with your Docker khakis halfway to your knees while you wank off to Pornhub doesn’t make you any less of a “fucking cliché” than the cute homo on the town wearing Alexander McQueen and sipping a Lemon Drop at The Unicorn.
Different strokes for different folk is a good rule to follow. If you like to look good, shop and go to clubs, then good for you. If you don’t like those things,then bully for you, as well.
But don’t rag on people who prefer different things.
Queer people come in all shapes, sizes, colors, etc.
And, there’s not ONE gay cliché…there are DOZENS!
Skinny fashion victim…poodle walking beautician…leather daddy…drag queen…”clone”…bearded, tatted hipster…mullet wearing softball playing dyke…dominatrix…lumberjack…porno muscle stud…lipstick lesbian…showtune loving chorus boy…slobby jock…latex wearing geek…angry social justice warrior…shit stirring rabblerouser…poorly closeted Hollywood actor…

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