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February 6, 2016 Comments Off on Trump Vs Bernie Debate In Seattle! (Well…..Kinda) Views: 3349 Arts & Entertainment, Comedy

Trump Vs Bernie Debate In Seattle! (Well…..Kinda)

It's “Donald Trump” (Anthony Atamanuik) and “Bernie Sanders” (James Adomian) and they're coming to Seattle on March 8.

It’s “Donald Trump” (Anthony Atamanuik) and “Bernie Sanders” (James Adomian) and they’re coming to Seattle on March 8.


WHO wouldn’t wanna see Republican presidential candidate/professional asshat/poster child for classic narcissism, DONALD TRUMP debate the charmingly brusque and avuncular old Socialist/Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders?!?!?!!???

In Seattle!

On March 8th!!

At The Neptune Theater!!!

Well, it’s kinda/sorta “happening”. interviewed the pair (read full interview) and this is what they had to say about getting into character:

Anthony Atamanuik: “I was saying stuff as Trump that seemed utterly ridiculous. A month later, Trump is saying the same stuff, almost verbatim, in his speeches. For me, the key is taking Trump’s speeches and revealing how much of it is just old authoritarian politics.”

James Adomian: “I’ve respected Bernie for years, but I never thought he would be famous enough to do an impression of. I did George W. Bush for years, who I hated. It feels nice to make fun of a guy I support. As a comedian, I get to say some things I think he’d like to be able to say.”

Tickets just when on sale for the Seattle event, part of the West Coast leg of their tour which just keeps growing….they’ll be at Portland’s Revolution Hall on March 9.

The website is a tad out of date as of this posting but check out more info at  the #TrumpVsBernie website.

Check out this video of the pair:

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