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Racing after The Pajama Game’s Time-Study Man Greg McCormick Allen

Photo of Greg McCormick Allen and Shaunyce Omar in The 5th Avenue Theatre's "The Pajama Game". Photo by Mark Kitaoka​

Photo of Greg McCormick Allen and Shaunyce Omar in The 5th Avenue Theatre’s “The Pajama Game”. Photo by Mark Kitaoka​

If the term MVP can be used in theatrical parlance, veteran Seattle song and dance man Greg McCormick Allen is definitely one of them.  Village Theatre audiences recall him from many shows, most recently Singin’ in the Rain, Billy Elliot, and his phenomenal Bert in Mary Poppins, while Seattle Children’s Theatre crowds have enjoyed him in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Returning to the 5th Avenue (where his shows have included How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying and White Christmas) he takes on the role of Hines, the comic lead in The Pajama Game opening Thursday.  This yeoman of the arts graciously answered a few questions about himself for SGS readers before he goes back to racing with the clock.

  1. How does it feel to have stepped into character actor world in your role as Hines in THE PAJAMA GAME?

Well, the character actor world is basically the world that I normally live in in musical theatre, so it feels really great! That being said, as with all shows, all characters are different and have their own unique hurdles that need to be overcome before you can feel truly comfortable in their skin. Still working on tweaking a few things before opening of The Pajama Game, but it will get there.

  1. You are one of Seattle’s top song and dance guys, but more of a comic than a romantic leading man. Did you always have a flair for comedy?

I’m not really the romantic leading man type, so I had to become good at something!  Seriously though, I wouldn’t exactly say I have a flair for comedy.  I just have decade’s worth of sitcom watching stored somewhere in my brain so in reading a script, some actors or performances or vocal inflections come out more than others, whether it be from The Dick Van Dyke Show or Friends!

  1. Who were your most direct influences and favorite teachers/directors?

My most direct influence, besides my mom who drove me to dance lessons and performances for years, was probably Edith Duncan. She was my dance teacher when I lived in Scotland and was the first teacher who ever had me sing. As far as favorite directors, I would go with anyone who has chosen to cast me in their production and allow me to do what I love! (How’s that for a safe answer!)

  1. What keeps you in Seattle vs. NYC?

Well, I’ve lived in Seattle, and I’ve lived in NYC. For me, NYC is a great place to visit, but Seattle is a great place to live.

  1. What roles do you look forward to exploring in the future?

I’d like to complete the Dick Van Dyke musical trifecta (Mary Poppins, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang) with Bye Bye Birdie. Also, whatever anyone would like to cast me in!

  1. Who are your favorite past co-stars?

In no particular order, and for a number of reasons: Taryn Darr, Billie Wildrick, Michael Gruber, Rich Gray, Cayman Jacobs, Suzanne Bouchard, John Scott, Mallory King and the cast of James and the Giant Peach.

Actors Studio Q and A

  • Favorite word?


  • Least favorite?


  • Favorite sound?


  • Least favorite?

The screech of the Emergency Broadcast System test

  • Favorite curse word?

 The one that starts with F

  • Favorite musical?

Avenue Q

  • What would you hope God will say to you when you cross through the pearly gates?

Stephanie has been waiting a long time to say hi!


The Pajama Game runs at The 5th Ave Theatre (1308 5th Avenue, Seattle) Thursday February 16-March 5, 2017. Please visit or call the Box Office at (206) 625-1900 for tickets (starting at $29)

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