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TWIST Film Festival Highlights: 5 Must-See Screenings



David Verdaguer, Oona Chaplin, and Natalia Tena in “Anchor and Hope”


Seattle’s annual queer film festival is back! TWIST is well underway, but it’s not too late to enjoy some thoughtful, eclectic, relatable movies.

Here are 5 TWIST standouts that are sure to please and provoke.



  • Wednesday 10/17
  • 7:15pm
  • Northwest Film Forum

This film examines the crossroads facing for Sid, an Indian Canadian professional who is currently transitioning to female, coming out to her parents, and navigating a relationship with her boyfriend. But her already-complicated life turns upside down when she learns she is also the parent of a young teenaged son. “Venus” promises to deliver a dignified, intelligent glimpse into the intersections of cultural expectation, family relationships, and trans identity.


Pierre-Yves Cardinal, Jamie Mayers, and Debargo Sanyal in “Venus”



  • Thursday 10/18
  • 5pm
  • AMC Pacific Place

Jackie is ill and doesn’t have long to live. So this longstanding drag queen teams up with her young, unwitting discipleFaith―and decides to tie up loose ends with what remains of her life’s thread. The unlikely buddy comedy offers a lighthearted lens to the heavier subject matter of mortality and grief.



  • Friday 10/19
  • 6:45pm
  • AMC Pacific Place

Andy Warhol, Debbie Harry, roped genitals, and piss play. These (and much more) were all subjects of Robert Mapplethorpe’s prolific black and white photography of the 1960s-1980s. Brought to life by director Ondi Timoner and leading man Matt Smith (The Crown, Doctor Who), the feature narrative is bound to captivate and challenge you.


Matt Smith in “Mapplethorpe”



  • Saturday 10/20
  • 9:15pm
  • AMC Pacific Place

The film is a well-wrought story about two women who struggle with the idea of expanding their family, and with the growth they’ve both promised to achieve as soon-to-be parents. Spanish director Carlos Marques-Marcet has struck gold with actors Oona Chaplin and Natalia Tena. The two leads have each had equally impressive stints on Game of Thrones and Black Mirror, and finally got to grant their ranged talents to these rich, complicated characters.



  • Sunday 10/21
  • 7pm
  • SIFF Cinema Egyptian

Expertly produced, well-acted, and directed with refreshing honesty, Rafiki is the 2018 TWIST film everyone will be talking about for years to come. This is a story of two young Nairobi women whose budding love is controversial and dangerous. It breaks their country’s rigid law about same-sex relationships, but it also fissures their families as both of their fathers are politicians. The film was banned in Kenya for its lesbian subject matter, but the ban was temporarily lifted to allow it to qualify for the 2019 Academy Awards. It’s clear this is an exciting feat for director Wanuri Kahiu and for African cinema at large.


Sheila Munyiva and Samantha Mugatsia in “Rafiki”


Check out these films and more at the TWIST website. Be sure to get your tickets before they sell out!

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