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Dolly Launches….Doggy Parton Line of Dog Toys and Products

Dolly Parton & Billy The Kid. Photo Credit: Sebastian Smith, courtesy of Dolly Parton

Of course she does! She’s a smart businesswoman! Who loves dogs!

THIS is just one of the reasons why everyone loves Dolly!

The woman is a living saint.

All the poo on Ms Dolly’s fabulous new line of Doggy products:

Global icon, Dolly Parton, has announced the launch of Doggy Parton – a line of dog apparel, accessories, toys and more, in partnership with SportPet Designs, that will feature a little “Dolly” inspiration that is sure to get tails waggin’! Doggy Parton is quite literally a “pet” project that is very near and dear to Dolly’s heart with part of the proceeds going to Willa B. Farms – a rescue that provides a loving home to displaced animals of all kinds.  For more information on Willa B. Farms or to donate please visit:

“’Puppy Love” was my very first record and 6 decades later, my love for pets is stronger than ever. This inspired me to start my own line of Doggy Parton apparel, accessories, toys and more with a little ‘Dolly’ flair,” says Parton. “Part of the proceeds will support Willa B Farms, a rescue where animals in need find never-ending love. Don’t we all need that?’”

Initially Doggy Parton products will be available via and with more retailers to be announced later.

 Doggy Parton Product Line Includes:

  • Red Gingham Overalls Dress
  • Red Gingham Western Collared Shirt
  • Dolly & The Mighty Fine Band Shirt
  • In a World Full of Jolenes Be A Dolly Shirt
  • All Star Show Vintage Style Shirt
  • Collared Blue Jean Denim Jacket
  • Cowgirl Collared Dress
  • Printed Denim & Gingham Bandana
  • Sparkling Beaded Butterfly Necklace
  • Pink Cowgirl Hat with Tiara
  • Blonde Bombshell Wig
  • Country Sweetheart Costume Set
  • Gingham Western Print Two-piece Collar and Leash Set
  • Pretty Little Lady Pink Sequined Two-piece Collar and Leash Set
  • Gingham Print Body Harness
  • Rhinestone Spoiled Pink Body Harness
  • Fabulous High Heel Plush Dog Squeaky Toy
  • Backwoods Barbie Throwback LP Record Plush Crinkle Dog Toy
  • I Beg Your Parton Red Coffee Mug Plush Dog Squeaky Toy
  • Dolly’s Heritage Acoustic Guitar Plush Dog Squeaky Toy
  • Microphone Plush Dog Squeaky Toy with Rope
  • Pink Winking Butterfly Plush Crinkle Dog Toy
  • Rainbow Fringe Plush Crinkle Dog Toy

About Doggy Parton:

Global icon, country music legend and philanthropist Dolly Parton is excited to announce the launch of her Doggy Parton collection. As a devoted pet lover, Dolly was inspired to start her own line of Doggy Parton apparel, accessories, toys and more with a little “Dolly” flair. No one can do it quite like Dolly. This collection is playful, flashy, and sassy; truly capturing the essence of the beloved icon. Being a passionate supporter of animals, a portion of every purchase will help fund and support Willa B Farms, a rescue where animals in need find never-ending love and care.

 Be sure to stay tuned for all things Doggy Parton by visiting:

 About Billy The Kid:

After years without a pet, today Dolly is the Godmother to her Goddog, Billy The Kid. Billy The Kid will be the canine face of Doggy Parton appearing alongside Dolly from time to time.  Dolly’s longtime manager, Danny Nozell, lives with his superstar influencer canine. Billy accompanies Dolly to many media interviews, joins her in business meetings with Danny, and gets very excited when he sees his ‘Dolly Mama’! He loves to get dressed up for Dolly!

Billy the Kid Socials: 


About Willa B. Farms:

Willa B. Farms Animal Rescue is a grassroots 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that is dedicated to improving the lives of homeless, neglected, abused and abandoned animals. Headquartered in Old Hickory, TN, Willa B. Farms rescues and rehabilitates animals, one by one, offering them a loving, caring environment where they can recover and thrive.



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