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“A Sinner in Mecca” Is An Eye Opening, Albeit...

Mixed Martial Arts athlete Fallon Fox is one of two subjects of the documentary "Game Face", the opening night film of the Translations Film Festival on Thursday, May 7, 2015.

Translations Film Festival Turns 10

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MONSOOOOOOONNNN Season Strikes Again!

Ahhh, what a glorious moment for Seattle! Amirite? Despite whatever anyone thought at the time, Jinkx was by far the most deserving of the RPDR crown that season.

Drag Becomes Him is a new documentary featuring the rise of our Jinkxy Darling. Set to premiere at the Cinerama Theater this Wednesday the 29th, the film will feature Jerick Hoffer’s humble beginnings in a working class family to his rise to stardom as what Mama Ru calls, “a stage left, off-center kind of quality” queen. It is the expanded, polished, classily-stitched together version of the web series of the same name, directed by Alex Berry.

Although the premiere is sold out, complete with red carpet, photo wall, Q&A, introductions, and a performance by Jinkx herself, there’ll be a wickedly fantastic after party at Re-Bar. Yay! If you’ve already purchased VIP tickets to the show, your admission to the party is free along with two drink tickets. Re-Bar will be selling tickets at the door, however, for an extra $5.

Who will you be wearing?? Hope to see you there! Water off a duck’s back!


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One Response to MONSOOOOOOONNNN Season Strikes Again!

  1. nickstarr says:

    There is a K in her name… Jinkx not Jinx. You’d think her hometown rag would be able to get her name right.