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Act Up! Dine Out! Fight AIDS!

Ok, so the headline got carried away in my head with a version of the Rent lyric. But it makes sense, doesn’t it? 

Seriously, though. As soon as you get off work on Thursday, April 30th, or if you have the day off, get your ass to any restaurant in Seattle. If they don’t have this image plastered somewhere on a wall or in a window, move on to a spot that does!



About 150 restaurants are participating this year, with more being added throughout the next couple of days. Each establishment will be giving 30% (or more) of their proceeds earned on Thursday to Lifelong. The awesome organization provides services to those suffering with HIV/AIDS, such as dietary-specific meals, housing, education, insurance, dental care, and advocating patient dignity. Also the Chicken Soup Brigade! The event is presented by our No. 1 credit union, BECU. And um, ladies? Did you know that Pam Grier (Kit, The L Word) is the Dining Out for Life spokesperson? How rad is that?? Her interview makes her even more awesome.

Haven’t you ever said to someone, “I just wish I had enough room in my stomach to hop to a million different restaurants to try all the foods?” No? Am I the only weird one who likes to eat? Imagine your favorite strip of eateries around the city…and maybe you have adventurous taste buds. I don’t know about you, but this sounds like the perfect excuse to pretend you’re a diner on Kitchen Nightmares or try your hand at real restaurant reviewing. Maybe you’ll meet an amazing chef who you’d hire to cook in your house! Or just an amazing chef who happens to be hot. Either way.

A full list of participating restaurants, as of Tuesday the 28th, can be found here. So break out as many dollars as you can spare before paying rent for the best cause! Start fasting now. Your belly will thank you, trust me. Save the gym for Friday before happy hour. 

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