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Photo by Marcia Davis — with Emily Pihlaja and Fausto Rivera Contreras

Spectrum Dance Theater’s Powerful “H.R. 3244” Examines The Modern...

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The Tuck Tapes – Drag Race Season 10 Review Podcast Episode 3

Deep in the concrete forest of Seattle, a clinical psychologist/aspiring Real Housewife joins a healthcare professional/drag writer to dish in the dark about RuPaul’s Drag Race, Season 10. These are the secret observations, reality TV penchants, and artistic critiques from the watchers in the shadows, Tim and Ryan. These. Are. The Tuck Tapes.

In this episode, Tim and Ryan talk racial tension, gaytheism, and who’s next on The Vixen’s growing hit list.


Asia O'Hara Buttrface

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