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January 5, 2011 Comments Off on James Franco: “Maybe, I’m just gay.” Views: 1231 Celebrityville

James Franco: “Maybe, I’m just gay.”

James Franco in Love....Photo: NY Times.

Oh, maybe…

We Heart James Franco, the hardest working heart throb in show business…films, soap operas, books, plays, student films, going to college, hosting the Oscars…this dude Does. It. All.

Now, he’s telling Entertainment Weekly why he likes playing gay roles, (Milk, Howl):

“There are lots of other reasons to be interested in gay characters than wanting myself to go out and have sex with guys,” Franco tells EW. “And there are also lots of other aspects about these characters that I’m interested in, in addition to their sexuality. So, in some ways it’s coincidental, in other ways it’s not. I mean, I’ve played a gay man who’s living in the ‘60s and ‘70s, a gay man who we depicted in the ‘50s, and one being in the ‘20s. And those were all periods when to be gay, at least being gay in public, was much more difficult. Part of what I’m interested in is how these people who were living anti-normative lifestyles contended with opposition. Or, you know what, maybe I’m just gay.”

He’s so dreamy.


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