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April 8, 2011 Comments Off on Time for Spring Cleaning…take your gently used tchotchkes to Lifelong Aids Alliance Thrift Store! Views: 1335 Community Events, Fundraisers, News

Time for Spring Cleaning…take your gently used tchotchkes to Lifelong Aids Alliance Thrift Store!

We're loving Lifelong AIDS Alliance Thrift Store...and their "Luchadore" model...

Stock is a bit lower than it should be at Lifelong AIDS Alliance’s Thrift Store…Help them replenish their shelves (and coffers) by donating some of your beloved crap…hip clothes, housewares, tchotchkes and various bits of tat. The sun is out and your home needs a thorough Spring Cleaning so pack up your closets and cupboards and take them to the Thrift Store at 1017 East Union Street on Capitol Hill. And, if you donate stuff and mention their ad, you’ll get a 25% off coupon to buy NEW stuff in the store, now through May 31….’cause after you clean out all your OLD crap, you’ll need some NEW fun crap to replace it! (Circle of Life, Knick-Knack Style!)

And, here’s a brief message from Lifelong on WHY you should help them out, (uh, because they do AMAZING work for people with AIDS/HIV and they’re an invaluable community resource?):

Lifelong Thrift Store is a vital, sustainable, and environmentally conscious department within Lifelong AIDS Alliance, that is dedicated to providing care and support to people living with HIV/AIDS in Seattle / King County. We do this through generating revenue – which funds agency programs and services, our Emergency Voucher Program – giving over $21K worth of clothing and basic necessities free of charge to our clients each year, and special fundraising events. Lifelong is the only thrift Store in Washington State that is dedicated to serving people, and supporting programs and services for those living with HIV/AIDS. In addition to serving our clients, and with our current state of stability and ample resources, Lifelong Thrift Store also supports many outside organizations and charities within our community, nationally, and globally. Lifelong Thrift Store has been caring for people with HIV/AIDS for the past 23 years, and today, through the support of our customers and donors, we are able to continue our significant work. We are thankful to our community for their support, and for making a positive difference in the lives of those we serve. Thank you for helping us to continue this important work.

Show them your love and donate and BUY something today.

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