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May 26, 2011 Comments Off on New Queer on the Block: A Visit to Lobby Bar & Egyptian Theater for SIFF’s “Man at Bath” Views: 1372 #New Queer on the Block

New Queer on the Block: A Visit to Lobby Bar & Egyptian Theater for SIFF’s “Man at Bath”

Last night the gang of Seattle Gay Scene (the familiar peanut gallery: Michael and Les) ventured out into the wild world that we all commonly refer to as SIFF (Seattle International Film Festival) for “Man at Bath” – or the French title “Homme au Bain”. Our lovely bunch met up at The Lobby Bar for a pre-show cocktail to discuss how the festival is coming along. Yes, we were gossiping. Curiosity killed the cat… From Lobby Bar we headed to the Egyptian Theater and the film began after an introduction.

SIFF Artistic Director, Carl Spence introduced actor and star of the film, François Sagat to say a few brief phrases before this film began for the night. Sagat is much shorter in person than in the movie. Sagat says to the audience, “Don’t expect me to be as shiny as I am in the movie”. Obviously he has a sense of humor, which is something that the people leaving the theater in the middle of the film should take a few notes on. If you don’t know what the film is about, let’s give you a summarization:

The story of two lovers, Omar and Emmanuel who break up shortly before Omar, a filmmaker, leaves for New York with the star of his film (played by iconic French actress Chiara Mastroianni) to attend a film festival. Emmanuel, played by former Titan adult film star François Sagat, remains in their working class Parisian suburb and scrambles to find a source of income while dealing with the break up of the relationship, embarking on a series of meaningless sexual encounters. Meanwhile, Omar (Omar Ben Sellem) in NYC with his actress, attends film screenings and parties and hooks up with a cute, French Canadian student.

In short, it’s a love song and an erotic art piece that is very pleasing to your eyes, but you have to be open and willing to accept this movie. I guess that leaves out any glitter twinks from this equation. The ending in a bit abrupt but I feel that you should either already be receptive to foreign films or have an aptitude to accept the oddities of foreign films and remember that it’s not always the American way of viewing a movie.

This past week has been a whirlwind of spontaneous agreements both professionally and personally in this crazy thing we call life. Earlier this week, I began working at SIFF in their box office, I’ve begun taking advice from a dear new friend of mine and “relax” and “let the breeze just fly on by”. And I’m preparing to propose to direct a play that should please your own eyes for next season at Annex Theatre. It’s a busy, chaotic, enriching and memorable week, and it’s only the beginning. If you every need to understand my humor, take a look at Kathy Griffin. We are only 2 degree’s from separation, literally.

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