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November 1, 2011 Comments Off on Halloween is gone but M. Sagat will terrify your Christmas. Views: 2417 Pornolicious, The Nooner

Halloween is gone but M. Sagat will terrify your Christmas.

We interviewed much slobbered over French porn star François Sagat (he of the tattooed head) during SIFF and mainly chatted about his arty film, “Man at Bath” but we also asked him what he was working on…he was a bit vague and implied he was working on both porn and non-porn projects. Well, at least one of those porn projects has come to fruition. Titan just announce that “François Sagat’s Incubus” is being released in December and released a short, relatively safe for work trailer.

Some odd timing there…obviously this film has strong Halloween appeal but maybe the feeling is, it might make a nice stocking stuffer. Oh, and it’s Part One, so apparently there’s more to come. And, we’re confused by the presence of the evil looking Bunny Rabbit (shades of “Donnie Darko”) and the scene where apparently François is wrestling with himself underwater. Porn is getting very high tech.

Evan and Trenton aka "Porno Hood and a Lost Boy" at Bump 2011. Photo: Angelina Heyd

We’ve also heard that latest Titan Exclusive and Seattle resident Trenton Ducati will be making his debut in this film so it should be a hot ticket item for the holidays. “Trenton” is a popular face/body on Capitol Hill (under his real name which we’re not about to reveal here; it’s bad form to “out” porn stars with their real names unless they do it first.) We’re guessing the rest of the world will adore him as well.

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