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May 13, 2011 Comments Off on New Queer on the Block: Why are gay waiters so rude and where is the love? Views: 952 #New Queer on the Block

New Queer on the Block: Why are gay waiters so rude and where is the love?

A rocker at his peak and a speaker of the blunt truth!

After writing about RuPaul’s Drag Race and stage managing (currently) Women in Peril at Annex Theatre, I think it’s time for a brief timeout from my beloved drag queens and focus a little more effort and time on other aspects of my life. For many of you who don’t know by now, I’m the new Marketing and Promotions Manager at Annex Theatre and let me tell you something: getting people to the theater is HARD work! You would think that a community that is at its peak would be packed full of theater gays, but I’m simply not impressed. Where are these people?

Alright you eccentric rockstars out there! Seattle has always been a place where rock and grunge music forms and explodes right into your face. To be honest with you, I’m a bit out of the loop these days for the hot spots for the best music in town. Got any suggestions for this queer rocker? Is Neumo’s still hot and sassy? Or is there a new venue where you hangout? I gotta know and you are the one with the answers.

I love food and food sure does love me, especially since it doesn’t quite effect certain parts of my body just quite yet (still got a year and a half before the dreadful age of 30). Nearly everyday I walk past Passe and I’ve been dying to experience this quaint little cafe. So this morning I was on the hunt for some decent breakfast and coffee and I wanted something more than a chocolate croissant. I went for it and jetted right into the restaurant and was greeted by the most wonderful Barista who gave me quite a first impression. Then the waiter came followed with the black cloud of bad waiter syndrome floating over him. I’m not one to start a montage of gossip (or am I?) but that waiter struck me as a bit rude and unhappy. Dude: get a job that makes you happy!

Alas, off I left the establishment to continue my day with postering for an event at the end of the month at Annex Theatre and along my travels downtown, a familiar face crossed my path and brightened up my day. To mister dark and handsome: thank you for gracing me with that smile that never stops beaming. Another day, another adventure, another opportunity to be myself, or be the person I wear on my sleeves. Pride is just around the corner and the thought of beautiful and proud people just like me walking around the city (added bonus if they’re shirtless!) makes me believe that the sun will return another day and it won’t be the end of the earth as some people in the world are preaching right now.

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