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Not So Blind Items…

Saw this today on adult film director Joe Gage’s blog recalling an incident on one of his sets, a decade ago:

A decade or so ago during a lunch break on a set, I got into a discussion with one of my performers about his work in the “real world.” He was on the household staff of a well-known California family—the mistress of the house was a television journalist with sterling political connections; the head of the house was one of the most popular movie stars on the planet.

“Somebody snitched and told her I did this on the side.” He told me she summoned him into her office and gave him the third degree. He admitted that he made two or three adult movies a year, mostly for the extra income, but also for the fun of it and to bolster his self-esteem. She grilled him about the exact nature of what he did when he made the movies, and he told her all…

Read the rest on Mr. Gage’s blog…his site is NSFW but the page I link to is safe for all eyes.

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