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Nooner: Matt Smith and Daisy Lowe looking FABULOUS!

Some of you are going “Who?” which is of course the correct response because Matt Smith IS the current Dr. Who, the eleventh one to be precise, and here he is with his date, Daisy Lowe at the UK GQ Men Of The Year Awards at The Royal Opera House in London.

1) We’ve turned into HUGE Dr. Who fanatics in recent weeks and the current season is KILLING us with delight…especially Alex Kingston as the mysteriously awesome River Song.

2) Matt Smith is the youngest Dr. Who ever, and gave a lot of people pause when he was cast, but he’s turning out to be one of the best Doctors EVER. Dude, is a GOOD actor!

3) He’s sort of fuddy duddy in his Doctor outfit and sometimes appears to be fortysomething instead of twentysomething, (which is ok because the Doctor is like, nine hundred years old…) but out in public Mr. Smith rocks his own Eighties era style ad looks both slightly retro as well as very, very modern. And, we LOVE the floppy hair!

Also: He knows how give good pose on the RC.

Originally seen on Tom & Lorenzo.

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