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Untucked with Brian: Exclusive Interview with RuPaul’s Drag Race Season Four’s Phi Phi O’Hara

Phi Phi O’Hara is only one of thirteen drag queens on season four of RuPaul’s Drag Race and Seattle Gay Scene has the inside scoop with one of the fiercest queens on the boulevard. Phi Phi welcomes the beginnings of her “Phan-a-tics” fans as we gear up for the fourth year of the Drag Race. O’Hara is a club host for Spin Nightclub in Chicago, where she has built a name for herself

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B.Michael Peterson: Phi Phi O’Hara, where did your drag name come from and how has it become a part of your career? 

Phi Phi O’Hara: My original drag name was Phoenix O’Hara. When I moved to Chicago, everyone started  calling me Phi Phi as a nickname.  Phi Phi has since stuck and has really grown as a fun and sassy name that still sounds feminine and fierce!

BMP: Where did you grow up and where do you live now? 

POH: I grew up in San Antonio, Texas and moved to Chicago at the age of twenty-two.

BMP: Welcome to season four, Hunty! How many times did you have to audition to get on this show? 

POH: I always planned on auditioning and just didn’t feel it was my time to shine yet. I felt I still had some growing to do before making the leap to compete against the other divas. This is the first time I auditioned.

BMP: What animal do you represent in the jungle?

POH: I would say an eagle, because I fly above all the rest.

BMP: Excluding RuPaul and Lady Bunny, what previous drag race contestant do you aspire to, or look up to and why? 

POH: My favorites have always been the girls from Puerto Rico, I admire their art and passion for what they do and I admire the fact that they stand outside the box and really stay true to themselves and putting 100% heart, body and soul into what they do!

BMP: Without revealing details about the show (of course), how would you describe this season in comparison to the previous seasons? 

POH: PHIERCE! The competition is so much more intense and there is so much talent on this season that every challenge you had to be on top of your game!

BMP: How confident are you in getting crowned the next Drag Superstar? 

POH: 100000000000000% lol jk I want this BAD!!!! I have worked my butt off to get this crown so I am just hoping hard work and dedication along with passion and heart earns me the crown!

BMP: On many reality shows, people have said that they are not here to make friends. What’s your take on making friends on reality shows?  

POH: I will say I was one of those that was in it to win it only and realized QUICKLY that this is a FAMILY and these ties we have are going to last a lifetime and these girls we work with are really there to help and support us whether we win or lose.

BMP: Are there any special groups that are formed this season with some of the girls? 

POH: I think with any group of people you find people that are quickly attracted to and gravitate towards. 🙂

BMP: Every season, there is always a sewing challenge on the show. Do you sew and if so, how well are you gifted at this trade?

POH: I am a seamtress! I sew anythign and EVERYTHING! I pray for sewing challenges becasue that is my forte and time to shine!

BMP: There are a handful of fabulous guest judges for this season. How well did you respond to the criticisms of Michelle Visage and Santino? 

POH: When you are watching the show versus being on the stage getting critiques, it is easier to say, “Bitch wouldn’t say crap to me”, and then when they do you say, “YOU’RE RIGHT I SUCK and run off in tears!” But It was great to hear feedback because they have said it before they are honestly there to help you!

BMP: What is your strength and what is your weakness as a drag queen and artist?

POH: I pride myself in being able to do everything under the sun whether it is singing, dancing, sewing, acting, whatever is needed because I feel a true entertainer should be well rounded and have dipped their feet in all sorts of water.

BMP: Where does drag fit into your overall career?

POH: I am an certified optician by day so I work in a VERY professional environment with patients and customers.  Drag for me is a way to break free and just be creative and have fun with life and be a positive role model for all communities!

BMP: What is your current relationship status? Single? Partnered? Widowed?

POH: I am taken! I have a boyfriend who really pushed me to auditioned this year and has been there every step of the way! I couldn’t ask for a better guy.  He even helps with my hair and sew costumes if I am backed up, and he puts up with all my s$%^ and I am not easy to date!

BMP: What three words would you say to Michele Bachmann if she were standing right in front of you?

POH: “What the F**?”

BMP: What person, dead or alive, would you love to spend an entire day with and why? 

POH: I would love to spend the day with Wendy Williams and find out “How’s she doin!?”

RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 4 AND companion series UnTucked will premiere in January 2012 on LOGO.



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