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Fashion Flashbacks for Fringe Tonight at The Eagle

Fringe- where queers, sex and fashion come together. And get drunk.

Well, snowpocalypse 2012 is over, and just in time for the weekend. Luckily nobody died on Denny hill, school buses full of children didn’t fly off the freeway, and we got our year’s worth of bitching and whining about the weather all out of our system. Post Christmas and New Year’s hang overs have faded, a little hibernation smoothed out those crows feet and a nice dose of cabin fever should have you riled up and ready to go. Well, look no further for your release.

Tonight at The Eagle, Fringe returns for it’s first installment of the new year. In anticipation of the cold they’ve gone with a theme that works well for layers and warming accessories- Vintage! So really dig through that closet and pick an era, a decade, mix em’ all up or just get straight up swanky. Of course, it is the Eagle, they will still let you check down to your skivvies at the door if you please.

A little inspiration..

Fringe, the party that threw the queers and lovers of all types, sex and fashion into the dark steamy kettle that is The Eagle, features special guests DJ Almond Brown (The Cuff, Sensorium, BUMP), as well as Ursula Major and birthday girl miss Lisa Dank, alongside resident Nark.

Space Love produced by Sweaters (Shiny Disco Club – Millennium Disco Vol II) by Lisa Dank

Just to sum it up- foggy dance party, best jams in town, cheap dranks and jello shots, new gorgeous mugshots by Nark Magazine, live performances, afterhours, boys, boys, boys, men, ladies, go-go hotties- need I go on?

Tonight at The Eagle, 10pm, $5 cover at the door to pay the wonderful musicians, coat/clothes/sanity check at the door.

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